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Grandparents and Grandchildren

Ask a grandparent what is the one thing that means the world to them, and the answer will be their grandchild.

Ask a grandchild who loves him/her the most and the answer will be his/her grandparents.

The relationship between grandparents and a grandchild is a beautiful one and like no other - filled with unconditional love for each other and a load of fun. For one, it’s the end of the circle of life and for the other, it’s just the beginning. They share their youth and experience and make each other meaningful in their respective lives.

Here are a few things that highlight this important relationship.

1. Grandchildren represent the future to grandparents and the respect they have for this is immense. All they want is for the new generation of their family to have the best of everything and to be able to watch them grow and be a part of it.

2. Grandparents like spoiling their grandchildren in a way that they never would have imagined doing with their own children.

3. Grandchildren especially enjoy hearing about the “good ‘ol days” and what their parents were like when they were little. Only grandparents can give you this information.

4. Grandchildren love to spend time with their grandparents because grandparents make them feel like they are the center of attention and there is no one else more special.

5. Through this relationship grandchildren learn to value their elders and respect them.

6. Food in your grandparents house is always something to look forward to. Your grandmother will always be the No.1 chef in your eyes.

7. Gradually, as they grow up, their roles interchange and grandchildren become support for the grandparents.



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