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Gorgeous Pumpkin Pie Fall Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie is a thick beverage made from raw blended fruit, vegetable and at times, ice-cream. Smoothies can be extremely healthy for you and are easy to make. They are convenient to gulp down if you do not have enough time to sit down at the table for a proper breakfast, whilst ensuring that you still get the amount of nutrition you require.

Pumpkin helps in decreasing hypertension and high blood pressure. It contains vitamin C, fiber and potassium which are good for your heart. Pumpkin also has several other health benefits such as – glowing skin, strong eyesight and a healthy immune system.


- 1 cup almond milk

- 1 teaspoon maple syrup

- 1 cup pumpkin puree

- 2 teaspoons cinnamon

- 1 apple (core removed)

- dried cranberries.


Combine all the above-mentioned ingredients in a blender and blend until they become smooth. Top it with cranberries and serve.

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