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Good News! Orgasms During Pregnancy Are Great For You!

Mommies-to-be, having sex during your pregnancy is good for your body for numerous reasons. It helps you improve your body image, your relationships, and the fluttery heart. Many mommies are a little skeptical about having an orgasm. Of course, fear and belief in myths could stop you from some ‘fun things’. But guess what, orgasms actually good for you.

Consult a doctor and ensure that you’re not at the risk of a birth complication or a preterm labor.Here are a few reasons to hit the big O tonight!

1.Your Ultimate Stress Buster

Orgasms are known for bringing in an adrenaline rush which can instantly release your stress. Further, it makes you feel more active and lightheaded. Sex makes you feel relaxed and helps you sleep better. 

2. The shape of your belly changes

When you have an orgasm, the muscles in the abdomen and the uterus contract and form a pointy or a triangular shape. It is totally normal and there’s no harm happening to your baby.

3.It will keep your baby active

The sexual activity could wake the baby and causes them to move around. Well, this is a very good sign. It shows that your baby is alert even when he’s inside your womb! It is also said that when a woman climaxes, a hormone named endorphin is released. It makes the mother happy therefore it makes the baby happy too. But there’s no proof of that, but we’re sure you feel great after having a good time.

4.The Bond Blooms

It helps in keeping your relationship alive. Your pheromones, your aura, your beautiful body...everything is suddenly extra appealing to your husband. The oxytocin which is the bonding hormone is released during an orgasm and it helps in developing a closer relationship with your husband. It is like a building block of trust, emotions, sympathy, and support. All this will just help you build a solid relationship with your partner.

5. Massive Orgasms

Many women have said that the orgasms they had during their pregnancy were nothing compared to the regular ones. Some women have even had multiple orgasms too! When you’re in the mood, there is a gush of blood in your pelvic region. So, any kind of stimulation with increase the sensations. This heightened sensation helps in reaching the orgasms easily.


Even though orgasms are safe for your fetus and you, some positions are not advisable. So bring it ON with safe positions only! 

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