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Ginger During Pregnancy: Safety, Benefits and More

ginger during pregnancy

One of the coolest changes that can be seen after pregnancy, from the perspective of a pregnant mother, is in the way she’s treated by her spouse. Love, care and attention; the holy trinity that had been lacking until then is activated for a brief spell of nine months. And since we all know it’s temporary, why not enjoy it to the fullest? Notice a change in the amount of interest that goes into your diet after pregnancy. It’s quite startling.

Suddenly you are being bombarded by food that’s supposed to be good for you during pregnancy. It could just be ginger, but now it’s ginger during pregnancy and hence, its health benefits hold greater importance or maybe, you cannot consume it because ginger is bad for pregnancy. Now that we have taken ginger as an example- let’s use ginger as an example for the entire article. Hence, this article will now focus on ginger benefits and side effects and most importantly - it will comprehensively answer the question- “Can you take ginger while pregnant”? Spoiler alert!! Just kidding.

Table Of Contents

1. Ginger During Pregnancy: Safe Or Not?

2. Benefits Of Ginger During Pregnancy

3. Side Effects Of Consuming Ginger During Pregnancy

4. Conclusion

1. Ginger During Pregnancy: Safe Or Not?

ginger benefits

"Can you take ginger while pregnant?" The answer to this question is yes, you can at most times. It’s perfectly safe to consume ginger during pregnancy. Not only is it safe to consume ginger during pregnancy, but it’s also extremely beneficial for the body. Again, at most times. For instance- it’s advised to consume only fresh ginger during pregnancy, not the dried root. Also, doctor’s say that you should not consume more than 1000mg of ginger in a day, especially during pregnancy. But then again- there’s no ideal dosage as such. The tolerance for ginger differs from person to person. You could experience some ginger side effects even after consuming lesser than 1000mg of ginger in a day, it all depends on your tolerance for ginger. If you feel uncomfortable just consult a doctor and he/she will help you find your tolerance level for ginger.

That's not all. Women who are taking anticoagulants should avoid taking ginger while pregnant in any form. Also, avoid taking ginger while pregnant if you are on blood thinning medication or have a history of blood clots running in your family. Women with low blood pressure are also asked to limit their daily consumption of ginger during pregnancy.

Five ways you can incorporate ginger into your pregnancy diet:

Ginger tea, ginger pickle, Asian cuisine, glazed ginger and ginger infused soup

Once done with pregnancy, you can even enjoy some homemade ginger ale!

2. Benefits Of Ginger During Pregnancy

benefits of ginger in pregnancy

Ginger benefits and side-effects are real. It's true when people say that the benefits of ginger during pregnancy outweigh the side effects it has. To convince people to consume ginger during pregnancy just enlist these ginger benefits and watch them convert! Taking ginger during pregnancy can be a lot more beneficial than even taking ginger when suffering from a cold and cough.

Given below are the multiple benefits of consuming ginger during pregnancy:

(a) Helps Deal With Morning Sickness: 

Yes, you read that right! And, honestly for pregnant women, that’s the biggest ginger benefit- forget everything else. Studies confirm that consuming ginger really helps deal with the nauseous sensation that fills pregnant women during early pregnancy. The effects of ginger on morning sickness are very similar to the effects that Vitamin B6 has on morning sickness.

(b) Boosts Blood Circulation: 

Consuming ginger regularly during pregnancy will boost the blood circulation in your body. Hence, as a result, lots of blood will reach your baby and help it in its development inside the foetus.

(c) Keeps Cold and Cough Away:

Pregnancy weakens the immune system. It leaves the body more exposed to bacteria and germs. Hence, many women fall sick multiple times during pregnancy. Consuming ginger during pregnancy can help develop immunity against cold and cough. In fact, taking ginger during pregnancy will not just boost your immunity it will also speed up your entire recovery process.

(d) Neutralize Problem Of Bloating During Pregnancy: 

Fact: the digestive system of the body slows down during pregnancy. Add to that your cravings and you tend to feel sick and bloated very often during pregnancy. The solution to this problem is simple: ginger. Consume ginger in some form before you sleep or as soon as you get up in the morning.

ginger benefits

(e) Deal With Pregnancy Pain: 

The entire pregnancy experience is painful- not just the delivery. Only women who have been pregnant at some point in time can understand this. Your back, abdominal region, joints- they all hurt a little or a lot- it really depends. Ginger helps reduce this pain by working on the hormones of the body. If you do suffer from such pregnancy pain our advice is that you begin your day with a cup of ginger tea. You will feel the difference yourself!

(f) Facilitates A Healthy Diet: 

One of the often overlooked benefits of ginger is the impact it has on stimulating or facilitating a healthy diet. Pregnant women, in particular, can benefit from this health benefit that ginger has to offer. During pregnancy, your body may not be getting all the nutrients that it requires and desires to function properly. The reasons could be few or many. Incorporating ginger in your diet will help you consume other foods rich in nutrients that both; your body as well as your baby’s body need.

(g) Healthy Baby: 

When you read facts like this you truly appreciate the benefits of consuming ginger during pregnancy. Unlike most foods, the benefits of consuming ginger transcend to the baby that’s inside you. Sure consuming ginger during pregnancy can make you feel good but equally importantly- it helps develop your baby’s immune system and it also reduces the possibility of your baby developing some congenital disability.

3. Side Effects Of Consuming Ginger During Pregnancy

side effects of ginger during pregnancy

As hinted above, consuming too much ginger can leave you with some ginger side effects that aren’t particularly easy to deal with. The side-effects of consuming too much ginger include:



Spoilt Stomach

Mouth Irritation


To conclude; find out ways to incorporate ginger into your pregnancy diet. Starting the day with ginger tea during pregnancy can be a great way to incorporate a minimal amount of ginger in your pregnancy diet. Ginger benefits are great- who knew there was a simple home remedy to morning sickness? Need motivation? Ginger tea during pregnancy will leave you pain-free! Chant it till you believe it!

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