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ginger safe during pregnancy

Ginger is considered to be a ‘superfood’. It has been in use for many culinary as well as therapeutic purposes since the existence of mankind. Apart from adding a different flavour to your food, it also provides health benefits. Ginger is widely used in many countries to deal with pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting, but you need to understand the proper usage of ginger before consuming it blindly.

Ginger during pregnancy: Safe or not?

Taking fresh ginger in your food is considered healthy. However, dried roots may not be good. Taking ginger as a part of your food by adding it in a recipe or in your tea is perfectly fine, but taking supplements of ginger unless recommended by your doctor, can be a harmful thing. Controlled amounts of ginger can help a great deal with nausea and vomiting, especially in the first trimester.

Benefits of Ginger:

1. Improves your baby’s blood circulation.

Ginger boosts blood circulation in your body, thereby ensuring adequate blood supply to your fetus. Make sure that you take ginger in regulated amounts as too much of it may cause high levels of blood pressure which can then be a harmful thing.

2. Regulates Cholesterol levels.

Ginger helps your body to keep down cholesterol levels.

ginger safe while pregnant
3. A remedy for common cold.

When you are pregnant, your immune system gets sluggish, thereby making you vulnerable to minor ailments such as cold and cough. Taking ginger in your tea or food will help you keep these ailments at bay and also boost your overall immunity. Ginger also provides immunity against certain commonly observed diseases.

4. Controls Blood Sugar levels.

Research shows that ginger helps to keep blood glucose levels in check. This keeps the mother and the growing baby, healthy. It also provides mothers with energy during pregnancy, thus helping them defeat fatigue and exhaustion.

5. Your body can absorb more nutrients.

This is a lesser known fact about ginger. Ginger facilitates absorption of nutrients by your body and helps fight infections. It also provides these increased nutrients to your baby, thus facilitating healthy growth.

ginger safe when pregnant
6. Treats Heartburn.

Ginger fights off acids which cause heartburn and hence prevents heartburn. You can take ginger in form of tea, in between meals or you can have some homemade ginger ale.

7. Drives away bloating.

During pregnancy, your body slows down the process of digestion in order to help your baby absorb nutrients. This makes the mother feel bloated and heavy. Taking ginger in small amounts will help you to prevent this phenomenon and improve digestion so as to absorb more nutrients in a lesser span of time.

8. Treats Inflammation.

It is natural for the mother’s legs and hands to swell up a little during pregnancy. This change is not always desirable and most mothers find it uncomfortable to adjust. Having ginger in small amounts will help you to treat inflammation and keep it in check.

9. Relaxes Muscles.

Pregnancy usually takes a toll on your muscles and creates fatigue in your bones. This may lead to wearing out of the muscles. A cup of ginger tea every day will relieve you from achy bones and muscles, which usually result from back pain or sore feet.

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