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Germaphobe Parents, Keep Calm And Let Your Kids Get Dirty!

When we enter motherhood, we often find ourselves in a continuous search for what truly is the best thing to do for our little ones. They depend on us for everything from the food they eat to the rules on how they should behave. Every parent has their own unique style of parenting. While one parent might be alright with their kids going out and playing in the dirt, the other parent may not allow it. There is enough logic and reasoning for both takes on this issue. But which one is right?

The answer, in short, is that dirt is good - for the mind, body, and soul. As you may already know, the sun is the only source of Vitamin D which helps them absorb the calcium from milk and other foods. Children should be allowed to play freely in the sun and in the mud. That dirt will only help strengthen their immune system. Think of it this way - if the body doesn’t know what kind of germs are out there, how will it be able to prepare itself to fight them?

Are You Scared Of Letting Your Kids Play With Dirt?

Don’t be. Dirt is not only good for building your child’s immunity, it is also good for their mental health. Kids should be allowed to play outside to be able to learn and explore the world around them. Playing outside regularly with other children will help them build their creative, social, and physical skills.

Improved creativity will make them more adaptable and also help build problem-solving skills. Social skills will enable them to make more friends and in the long run, it will help improve their mental health. Their improved physical skills will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they grow up.

The children who spend time outside cycling, running, or playing a new sport would not only be healthier and happier but they would also be able to perform better at school. Playing outside may sometimes involve getting dirty and that is okay. The number of benefits trump the drawbacks of getting dirty.

Just make sure they wash their hands right after they get home. Godrej Protekt happyfoam variant was launched specially for kids who are fussy about washing their hands. The foam is added just to make washing their hands a fun and healthy habit. It is mixed with air and water making it milder than the other soaps.

Haven’t Been Letting The Kids Around Pet Animals?

If you have been sceptical about getting pets or letting your kids play with pets for the fear of spreading germs and unwanted bacteria, then we have news for you. Children who are raised with pets are proven to be happier and more confident about themselves. They will be able to develop their emotional quotient by becoming more empathetic, and compassionate.

Still Not Convinced About Letting Your Kids Play With Dirt?

Now, we understand the fear of letting your kids play in the dirt. Nobody wants their child to fall sick and the fear of germs can be overwhelming for any mother. But don’t worry - you can wash away the dirt and keep your child safe. We recommend using Godrej protekt handwashes to protect your kids from the germs and keep their happiness protected too. It is tough on the germs and gentle on the skin, making it the perfect choice for all germophobic moms and their kids.

They have 3 awesome variants to choose from - masterblaster, happyfoam and masterchef’s. Godrej protekt masterblaster is also made from natural ingredients but it doesn’t produce foam the way that Godrej protekt happyfoam variant does. It can be used to wash your hands when you get back home, leaving your hands soft and your nose delighted. The third variant is the Godrej protekt masterchef which, as you can guess, is to be used before, during and after cooking. It washes away germs and grease from your hands, making it squeaky clean. So from now on, #ProtektTheJoy - let your child enjoy and let Godrej protekt handwash be their saviour.

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