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Garlic For Breastfeeding Mothers: Benefits And How To Use

garlic benefits for breastfeeding mothers

As a new nursing mother, you need to be careful about the food you eat and the habits you follow. Breastfeeding mothers should be extremely aware of the use of lactation foods to increase breast milk. Breast milk is the best food for a new-born baby and therefore, you need to get all the nutrients in the right amount for your baby to be healthy. One of the foods to increase breast milk is garlic. There are many uses of garlic but especially for nursing mothers. Many new mothers ask the question of how to increase breast milk naturally. Eating garlic after delivery is one of the ways to do the same.

Table of Content

Health Benefits of Garlic

Uses of Garlic for Breastfeeding Mother

Ways of Consuming Garlic to Increase Breast Milk

When to Avoid Eating Garlic

Health Benefits of Garlic

benefits of garlic

Benefits of garlic are multiple; it has vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Garlic is made up of compounds of sulfur which lend its beneficial qualities and odour to sulfur. There are many benefits of garlic, some of them are as follows:

Garlic fights fungal infections

Garlic has antifungal properties. It can also provide relief to cold and flu naturally. Eating garlic on a regular basis also helps build immunity and treat many fungal diseases.

Garlic prevents heart diseases

One of the benefits of eating raw garlic or consuming it in cooked form is that it helps reduce cholesterol levels. It does so due to the presence of anti-oxidant properties of Allicin. It is also immensely beneficial to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. But, to get the benefits of garlic and Allicin is by consuming raw garlic cloves or semi-cooked so that the sulphur compound does not lose its properties.

Garlic purifies blood

Raw garlic cloves do wonder for purifying skin and clearing up skin problems. It helps clean your blood and flush out toxins from your body.

Other benefits of garlic

Garlic is also beneficial for treating insomnia, cold, cancer and asthma.

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Uses of Garlic for Breastfeeding Mothers

benefits of garlic for breastfeeding mothers

Many mothers are unaware about lactation foods and wonder how to increase breast milk naturally. To answer their question, garlic benefits are not only limited to the ones stated above. It is one of the foods to increase breast milk. Many nursing mothers are apprehensive about eating garlic after delivery but it is safe to consume garlic clove for new mothers.

Amount of breastmilk

One of the benefits of eating raw garlic is that it acts as a galactagogue, which stimulates the breast milk production in lactating mothers. It can be very helpful to mothers who face problems in breast milk production; consuming some garlic can help them increase the milk supply. According to Dr Mennella in “Pediatrics” magazine, mothers who have breast milk with a garlicky odor generally nursed longer than those who did not ingest garlic before breastfeeding.

It is found that infants actually drank more milk when their mothers consumed garlic, showing a stimulating effect of garlic. When the infants consume more milk and nurse for longer, this, in turn, produces more breast milk in lactating mothers. The garlic that the mother eats gets transferred to the breast milk, including its odor and taste. If the baby is used to the taste and odor of garlic in breast milk, as stated before, it will help build the immunity of both the baby and the mother.

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benefits of garlic
Better digestion

Many mothers face digestive disorders after giving birth. Benefits of garlic also including aiding in digestion. It keeps the digestive tract healthy and helps lactating mothers recover from digestive issues.

Fights fungal infections

Sometimes, babies can get a fungal infection called thrush. It is characterised by a sore throat, white-spotted tongue and red diaper rash. One of the benefits of eating raw garlic is that it can fight off this disease or help recover from it. Candida is a yeast infection that is common in nursing mothers. Garlic can also help in relieving the mother from this infection.

Helps treat Mastitis

Mastitis is a blockage of the breast's milk ducts that sometimes lead to infection. Garlic can help with mastitis as it has antibacterial and antibiotic properties.

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Ways of Consuming Garlic to Increase Breast Milk

The simplest way to consume garlic is in by adding it as a condiment in your meals. Use it to flavor your pasta, vegetables, meats, seafood etc. There are also many benefits to eating raw garlic cloves. There is no need of adding garlic supplements to your diet. The consumption of garlic impacts cardiovascular and immune system, according to recent studies. This happens mostly due to the compound Allicin which is found in crushed garlic.

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When to Avoid Eating Garlic

uses of garlic

When the infant cannot tolerate the smell of garlic in the breast milk, or the baby becomes irritable after drinking the milk, you should stop consuming garlic and then check if the same happens again.

If the mother has diabetes or hypoglycemia, she should avoid garlic as it can lower the blood sugar level.

Overuse of garlic can lead to thinning of blood, so take it in moderation. If the mother is on any anticoagulation medication, consumption of garlic should be avoided.

Never give garlic directly to your baby. Always give it to him through your breast milk.

Do not consume garlic if your baby seems to show symptoms of colic. Then, see if the symptoms are alleviated.

If you suffer from any other medical condition, make sure you consult your doctor before consuming garlic.

So, garlic is generally a beneficial food product with all its health benefits. Also, it is one of the foods to increase breast milk. Garlic can help new moms maintain their own health and the health of their baby by ensuring that he/she gets enough breast milk with all the nutrients. Many mothers worry about eating garlic when they are lactating. If taken in moderation, garlic is very helpful and is the answer to all the mothers who wonder how to increase breast milk naturally.

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