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Fun Ways to Break the News of Pregnancy to Your Friends

Fun ways to break the news of pregnancy to your friends

What is life without a little bit of fun, right? “Breaking the news” should be fun. It’s a big moment in your life and deserves some attention. Don’t go in breaking the news with: “Hey guys, guess what?! I am pregnant!” That’s boring. It’s not special. Where is the ‘X Factor’ that makes it all memorable?

Be smart ladies! There can be so many fun and creative ways to break the news depending on the circumstances. You just have to think and lean away from the boring ones. Remember, this is supposed to be fun! 

Couples across generations and geographical boundaries have found some fun way to break the news to their friends. For reference purposes, some of these methods are given below:

1. Bun in the oven, like literally

Clichéd as this may sound; it’s actually quite a fun way to break the news to friends and family alike. Call them all over for like a lunch or dinner. Play it cool. Casually ask those who you want to break the news for to come with you and help you out in the kitchen. Meanwhile, ensure that somebody keeps a bun in the oven - literally. Everyone will catch on. It’s also just fun seeing who takes the most time and who is the quickest in doing so!

Fortune cookies
2. Fortune cookies

This is a simple and non-messy but quite impressive method. Keep a bowl of fortune cookies - all with the message that you are pregnant. Coolly and calmly hand over a fortune cookie to everyone as they enter the house. They will definitely be surprised with their fortune. Hopefully, the timing is right and it doesn’t lead to too much confusion, you know?

3. Baby food themed dinner

Call over all your friends for dinner and just serve them baby food. Baby corn, baby carrots, and baby peas - you get the gist. Over the course of the meal, it is a guarantee that you will be questioned on the peculiar theme of the day. That’s when you break the news and, hopefully, nobody else breaks anything else!

4. Say ‘Baby!’

If you want to break the news to your friends and want to have their reactions with you forever, there’s no better way than to break the news just before a photograph is being clicked.

5. Social Media

Agreed, it’s not ‘fun-fun’, but it’s the best for lazy people! It is still better than: “Guess what?! I am pregnant!’ Use social media to get the message across, but also try putting some wit into your status or post. Don’t be boring and come up with a witty status like: “I guess we will need a new room in about 9 months’ time.” or “About to make a bun in the oven.”

Baby food theme dinner

6. Special Menu

If you want to do something memorable, then here’s the perfect thing for you. Take your friends out for lunch, dinner or even desert. Talk to the owner of the place well in advance, asking them to help you out with a custom made ‘specials’ menu. This is a ‘specials’ menu that should be served to your friends. While your friends will be expecting to see a list of dishes with prices, they will instead be in for a big surprise! You can put in the name of your baby with phrases like: ‘under preparation, go with 9 months’ or ‘under price, go with priceless’; something along those lines. You can tweak the message as you deem fit.

These are some fun ways to break pregnancy to your friends, no doubt. But honestly, it’s most fun when you do it in a manner that’s personal to you. Therefore, it’s better to brainstorm and come with up with something relevant to your situation than using old clichéd tricks all the time. An article like this can always be your backup plan or source for inspiration though!  

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