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Fun Saturday Night Plans With The Family

Fun Saturday Night Plans with the Family

The week can get really long sometimes and almost everybody looks forward to the weekend. Elaborate vacation plans may/may not always work out, but you can definitely plan a weekend getaway or a fun Friday night. Considering you have nowhere to go the next day, you can very well carry out your plans late into the night.

Kids will definitely look forward to these weekends. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you yourselves will enjoy in these small little family plans and celebrations. A family night does not have to be expensive or complicated. Remember, that the end goal is to help everyone bond and have a fun time.

Here are a few fun Friday night plans that you can carry out without too much hassle:

1. Board Games/Cards.

Board Games/Cards

When was the last time you removed that deck of cards to play and pass around? Play some fun card games. If you have (which you most probably will) board games, then use those too. Board games, surprisingly, are enjoyable for all age groups - be it children or adults. If you have dominoes in your house, then you can lay them out in the entire house and ask your kids to help.

2. Camp In.

Camp In

It is alright if you cannot really make it to the recent camping expedition. You can make one in your very own garden. Raise a tent and carry a picnic to your garden. If you do not happen to have a lot of space around the house, then you can set camp in your very own living room. Tell some stories, have some snack, listen to music and then call it a night.

3. Music night.

Music Night

Music serves as a great medium for families to bond with one another, understanding the other person in a better manner. Fish out your old audiobooks and tell your kids to bring in their favorite songs. You can play charades or simply sit down at the dinner table, listening to each other’s favorite music.

4. Family Draw.

Family Draw

Art has no bounds and no one needs to be particularly skilled in order to be able to draw/paint. Many people give up drawing/painting because they think they are not good enough and probably not as trained as other artists. Art is anything but perfection. So take out all your brushes, crayons as well as canvases and call it a draw night.

5. Read.


Reading is very important and inculcating the habit of reading within your children from an early age is imperative. Pick out one book which is meaningful but comprehensible. Ask someone to read out loud, while the others listen. This will not only help your kids to improve their pronunciations and tones, but it will also make them fall asleep sooner than what you would otherwise expect. Isn’t that a neat trick to also put your children to sleep without too much hassle? 

These were just a few ideas and you can come up with something of your own to make Friday nights fun for you as well as your family. You can cook dinner together, invite over grandparents for the weekend, or many such activities.

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