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Force Feeding Kids: Why Is It Bad?

Kids are picky eaters and the irony lies in the fact that kids are the ones that need lots of nutrients and minerals to aid development. When you place that plate of veggies and fruits in front of your child is when the real hustle begins. Although it is done with good intentions, parents tend to go a little too far to make sure their child eats everything. In that moment when your child clears up his plate, you might be rejoiced and think that all the efforts you put into forcing him to eat are worth it but in the long run, this is sure to backfire.

What Exactly Is Force-Feeding?

- Telling your child what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.

- Ignoring your child’s appeals to eat less.

- Blackmailing your child into finishing their meals.

- Comparing your child to others and forcing them into eating their food.

A few mistakes that parents tend to make while feeding their kids are scolding or threatening them, bribing them with chocolates or ice creams, literally forcing the food into the child’s mouth and nagging your child about food all the time.

Why Is Force-Feeding Bad?

1. Parents tend to force-feed their kids in hope that they will eat healthily as they grow up. Studies show that this is in fact not true. Kids who are force-fed tend to have a strong aversion to that food group when they grow up because they will subconsciously relate it to a bad memory.

2. Force-feeding has a strong relation to eating disorders like obesity, anorexia and bulimia because they have no control over their eating habits.

3. Force-fed kids have a higher chance of getting addicted to sweets and junk food.

4. While you are trying to force feed your child, s/he might puke their guts out. This will make them hate the food that you forced upon them.

Keep in mind that if your child refuses to eat anything it doesn’t mean they will never eat it in their lifetime. So, instead of forcing food, check out different tricks and tips you can use to make sure your picky eater child finishes her plate.  

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