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Foods To Strengthen Your Baby's Immunity

The best way to fight diseases is to prevent them. Making sure that your kids are at the peak of their health and have a blooming immunity is of prime importance. Instead of wasting your time and efforts on medical bills and expenses to doctors, put in some energy to research on healthy foods and ways to build up immunity. 

Kids’ immune system is not completely developed and they are extremely perceptible to immunity disorders and diseases that might not affect adults on the same scale. Giving them healthy and nutritious food is the first step towards building your little one’s immunity. Here is how:

1. Iron

Iron helps your baby to fight all forms of infections and increases the content of hemoglobin in their bloodstream which transports oxygen. Babies are naturally born with a store of iron in their bloodstream, but it only lasts for 6 months. The best way to nourish your baby with iron is to give them some meat.

If your baby is too little to take direct solid supplements of food, try blending it into a paste. Meat can be from any source, and red meat is preferable as it helps the body absorb vitamin C readily. If you do not consume meats, chickpeas serve as a good alternative.

2. Vitamin – A

Vitamin A will help your baby to not only have good eyesight but will also help to build immunity. Vitamin A facilitates the production of white blood cells which in turn help them to fight with infection-causing germs by producing antibodies. Fruits, vegetables, and olive oil are a rich source of Vitamin A.

It is available in abundant quantities in just a third of sweet potato and is more than sufficient for your toddler.

3. Vitamin – C

Vitamin C protects the cells in your body and helps your little ones to fight infections. The good thing about this vitamin is the fact that it is also present in canned or frozen foods and you need not always have a supply of fresh foods. Fruit salads can give you a good hit of Vitamin C; including fruits such as kiwi, oranges, and strawberries.

4. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B has several types, all of them being equally important. B6 builds your baby’s immune system by forming antibodies and improving the supply of oxygen in their bloodstream. A few sources of Vitamin B6 could be – wholemeal bread, pasta and non-citrus fruits such as bananas. B6 can also be consumed by dried fruit. Egg, milk, cinnamon, and butter would also give your little one a punch of the required B6.

5. Zinc

Zinc will help your baby to create new cells and regulate cell enzymes. Unlike other nutrients and vitamins, the human body does not have a store of this nutrient and hence cannot harness it whenever required; therefore it is important to include zinc in your baby’s diet at regular intervals and in plentiful portions. Dairy products, eggs, cheese, lamb and other types of meat will provide you with a rich supply of Zinc.

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