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Foods To Avoid When You Are On Your Period

All of the ladies are total queens when it comes to conquering life. We can multitask, keep our calm, and complete any task that we set our minds to. But when that time of the month rolls around, it gets increasingly difficult to stay focussed or do our duties as we normally do. The pain, cramps, occasional nausea and indigestion can all cause us to become a little bit dysfunctional.

There are a few who don’t get their periods on the regular - they will either have period cycles that extend for too long or they may get scanty periods every few months. Despite our differences, we all have to deal with Aunt Flo for a long time now. So we might as well accept it and get comfortable with it.

Here is a list of foods to avoid during your periods:


One of the main culprits during your period is caffeine. You should limit the amount of coffee you consume during your period as it is known to increase blood pressure and heart rate, which leads to tension and panic attacks. Instead of that mug of coffee, you could opt for a cup of green tea (no sugar please), tomato juice or even homemade soups. Keep sipping on warm water through the day to help with the cramps - you can carry a hot flask of water if you are on the go.


Another item to avoid during your periods is alcohol. It can be tempting to reach for a glass of wine when your cramps are simply impossible to deal with. But alcohol can increase oestrogen levels, thereby worsening your period symptoms. You can instead opt for drinking good ol’ coconut water or a lime soda.

Spicy food

This is something that most people don’t realise is harmful to them. If you experience digestion problems while on your period, consuming spicy food on a daily basis can worsen your condition. It can even cause skin problems like acne or rashes and trigger hot flashes. Also, consuming spicy food can increase period cramps in women.

Dairy products

It might come as a surprise to you that dairy products like milk, cheese and cream are to be avoided as they can trigger menstrual cramps. Instead of this, you can opt for buttermilk or toned milk which are both beneficial during your period.

Fried Food

Eating any fried snack can seem really tempting during your period because it is known to be a comfort food. consuming fried food can increase your oestrogen levels, which can worsen period symptoms like mood swings and skin problems.

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