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Foods That Help You To Lose Weight

The weight management is a tough task to take up, especially if you have a sweet tooth or have recently given birth. Your fluctuating BMI will play a havoc with your hormones and becomes an open invitation to a variety of heart diseases as well. So to avoid the extra flab and stay fit, we bring you a few healthy diet options:


This fiber-rich Indian recipe has all things great: easy to cook and rich in proteins. Dalia is both nutritious as well as a good replacement for white rice (as well as oats, if you are tired eating them). Made from broken wheat, it is good for your energy and digestive system. Similarly, poha can be another addition to your diet management plan.


Natural proteins- eggs, paneer, soy are useful for burning body fats and help in building body cells. Dals like moong dal can provide essential body recuperation option, as well as, iron and potassium. The Crux? Go natural with the protein but do not overdo it.


Almonds reduce stress, boost hair growth and keep skin healthy. These contain antioxidants and therefore prevent free radical damage. Peanuts are rich in proteins. Rich in dietary fiber, figs help to ward irritable bowel movements and provides a happy digestive system. It also provides hypertension relief and its aphrodisiac properties help keep it in top foods for a healthy lifestyle.


Another addition to common Indian food, ajwain boosts digestive health by overcoming issues like flatulence, absorption and fighting unhealthy fat. This means it boosts body metabolism as well. Hence ajwain should be taken along with water instead of popping in a digestive pill. Alternatively, basil seeds can be used for its digestive as well as antibacterial properties. It also contains vitamins as well as beauty boosters: Omega-3 and copper (healthy eating revisited).


The traditional Indian drink, buttermilk not only soothes against the summer heat but also gives the body proteins and calcium as well. Also, the water in the buttermilk allows for the expulsion of the body waste keeping your waistline trim.

Lauki (Bottle Gourd): 

Member of the blessed gourd family, lauki is rich in water, calcium, niacin, etc. providing for a healthy diet. Its juice is good for both shunning the weight, as well as, boosting beauty.

Healthy carbs: 

Chickpeas, olive oil, and fish provide for healthy fats which keep bad fats away. Not to forget, the excess of these can be bad for your health. Therefore, take these in regulated amounts.

Foods to avoid: 

Unhealthy foods especially commercially fried ones should be avoided for a flatter stomach:

Sodium rich frozen foods

Artificially sweetened drinks like Coke


Animal meat especially those available at high-end stores (rich in spices).

Starch-rich french fries with high-fat levels (Remember potatoes are rich in carbs and if you don't burn them, they are gonna stay with you).

Polyunsaturated Oils

Commercially Baked foods

Street foods that may interfere with the diet plan

Tetra packed juices

White bread/rice, cakes, and cookies

Frozen desserts

For new moms, losing fat isn't an easy job. The following tips can be useful:

Start a small walk around the house six weeks after the birth of your baby. After few months, longer strides can be taken for bringing baby supplies home.

Breastfeeding helps to burn weight.Consult a nutritionist and get your diet right.

Smile and stay comfortable with the new responsibility. (This too shall pass).

Water keeps skin and body healthy. So once your cutie gets himself collected, hydrate the body for fast recovery.

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