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Foods That Cause And Relieve Constipation

“We are what we eat” goes the ancient adage. Truthfully if we eat healthy food, our body will reflect the same. Hence for promoting a healthy lifestyle, it is really important to understand what is good for you.

Constipation causes: 

Constipation leads to discomfort and tiredness. The causes, however, can be due to various factors that may need close attention and management.

- Lower water intake

- Pregnancy

- Job Stress/ Depression

- Weakness of pelvic muscles

- Diabetes

- Sedentary lifestyle

- Increased age

- Low dietary fibre intake

- Bowel obstruction or colon cancer

Constipation symptoms: 

The condition can be diagnosed by the existence of the following conditions:

- Inability to empty stomach

- Less than three stools in week

- Feeling of blockage as well as uncomfortableness.

- Stomach cramps

- Appetite loss

- Celiac disease

- Relying excessively on enemas and laxatives

- Lethargy

- A backache

- Bloating

- Flatulence

Foods that cause constipation:

- Dairy products like milk, paneer, etc.

- Relying on Alcohol, carbonated and (intestine absorption) caffeine drinks like tea and coffee.

- Eating excessive red meat

- Yogurt, rice and white bread bind themselves to food and impact bowel health.

- Foods rich in refined sugars.

- Potato chips create a sense of fullness and hence play havoc with the digestive system.

- Fried and processed foods are a barrier to stool discharge.

- Unripe bananas (high in starch content) boost constipation (whereas a ripe one relieves the same).

- Foods rich in tannins and promote constipation

Impact of constipation: 

Constipation can lead to following issues if not given attention to:

- Rectal haemorrhoids

- Anal tears or fissures

- Stool remnants in intestines

- Discomfort and self-consciousness

Foods that help relieve your stomach: 

Nature has blessed its children with varied foods to make them fit and healthy. Similarly, the following foods can ease the onslaught of constipation and its aftermath:

- Pears contain sorbitol and fibre. This helps relax bowel movements.

- Eat fibre rich foods like spinach, tomatoes and broccoli whereas fruits like prunes, Apple, etc help in flushing the stool from the body. For an adult, the ideal Dietary requirement for fibre is 28-38 gms.

- Take probiotics and detox water to cleanse the digestive system.

- Increase legume intake. The proteins and fibre help body recover and repair itself.

- Drink water so that body can excrete waste and hence keep itself clean up the unwanted and undigested toxic nutrients.

- Citrus fruits contain natural occurring stomach relief provider: naringenin.

- Add aloe vera juice to your diet. Alternatively, aloe vera can be used as a salad and it's laxative benefits be maximised.

- Add cod liver oil or fish to the diet. This will help lubricate the stomach and intestine walls (and ease the discharge of waste).

- Peaches contain sugars that help mobilise the waste through the system.

- Whole grains like oats are beneficial for your body and aid in digestion.

- Flaxseeds are rich in fibre and Omega 3. So not only is it good for your stomach but also for your body.

- Psyllium husk (Isabgol) in yoghurt stimulate the digestion by softening food and stool.

- Nuts (especially walnuts and almonds) and dry fruits help boost stomach health.

Apart from above, leading a stress-free life by practising yoga, meditation, walking and other relieving Exercises can prove beneficial for boosting the digestive health.

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