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Food Recipes For 6 to 12 Month Old Babies

As every mom, even I had thousands of questions about starting solid foods for my little one (who now is 7 months).What food recipes to give? Will he be able to digest it? Is it safe to give? Just to answer these questions from my experience, I'm writing this blog, giving homemade food recipes for 6-12 months babies with ingredient & method of preparation.

Here in this blog, learn how to make a complete range of baby food at home, from first foods to full meals. Get the recipes now!

1.) Rice Kanji

2.) Rice Payasam

3.) Carrot Khichdi

4.) Ragi Porridge.

What Should Baby's First Foods Be?

Most babies do not have teeth at this time, so the foods that they are fed should be pureed, and easily digestible. It is important to note here that baby's tummy has never ingested foods till now, so we as mothers need to be very careful when we feed our child.

Easy to Make Nutrient Rich Food Recipes for 6-12 months babies

1. Rice Kanji Recipe:

Get the list of Rice Kanji recipe ingredients along with preparation method.

Rice Kanji Ingredients Quantity

Boiled rice (puzhagala arasi) 3 Cups

Bengal gram 1 Cup

Method to Prepare Nutritious Rice Kanji Recipe

Wash it well and dry in sun over a clean cotton cloth. Dry roast the above two ingredients in a pan separately, until they become hot. Cool it down and grind it separately. Stir in airtight containers. Boil one glass water; add 3 tbsp rice powder, 1/2 tbsp Bengal gram powder. Add 5 numbers of jeera. Mix continuously. Add 2 drops gingelly oil/ghee. Salt if required, nut better to avoid. Allow the rice to cook well. Allow it to cool down a bit. Feed it when warm, as it thickens after completely cooling.

2. Rice Payasam Recipe:

Get the list of Rice payasam ingredients along with preparation method.

Rice Payasam Ingredients Quantity

Rice Powder 3 Tbsp

Jaggery Water As per need

Ghee As per need

Method to Prepare rice payasam Recipe

Boil one glass water, add 3 tbsp rice powder. Add jaggery water (soak a small piece of Jaggery in water and strain it). Mix continuously. Add 2 drops ghee. Allow the rice to cook well. Allow it to cool down a bit. Feed it when warm, as it thickens after completely cooling.

3. Carrot Khichdi Recipe

Get the list of carrot khichadi ingredients along with preparation method.

Carrot Khichdi Ingredients Quantity

Rice powder 3 Tbsp

Paasi Parap (moong dal) 1 Tbsp

Carrot 1 small piece

Jeera 4-5

Pinch Turmeric As per taste

Pinch Salt As per taste

Ghee 2-3 drops

Method to make Carrot Khichdi

Add All the above ingredients, one glass water in a cooker. Keep it for 4-5 whistles in slow flame. Keep the cooker aside for ten minutes for the pressure to reduce. Blend this mixture in a blender/mixie. Feed it when warm. This recipe can be tried with beans/potato/drumstick/beetroot (7 months). You can slowly start combining two vegetables together.

4. Ragi Porridge Recipe

Get the list of Ragi Porridge ingredients along with preparation method.

Ragi Porridge Ingredients Quantity

Ragi 1 Cup

Milk 2 Cups

Water 3 Cups

Method to Prepare Ragi Porridge

Clean ragi, remove sticks/stones if any. Wash it well. Soak one cup ragi in two cups of water the previous night. In the morning, strain this water. Grind it with 1 cup water in a mixer. Add more water if required. Using a clean cotton cloth, filter the mixture. You will get half a glass of ragi milk. Take a vessel, add this to milk and allow it to boil for two minutes. Add jeera and salt if required. Mix continuously to avoid forming lumps. Once you see a nice shiny glaze over it, turn off. Feed it when warm...

When Should Start First Baby Foods???

Most paediatricians recommend introducing semi-solids to the baby after the age of 6 months. My paediatrician told me that at the age of 6-12 months breast milk or formula become insufficient to address baby's growing need for nutrients. Hence, to make up for healthy development for babies, it is important to introduce them to some solids foods once they are 6, 7 or 8 months old. However, every baby is different and they have different needs, so it is best to consult the doctor on how and when you should start giving semi-solids to the baby. It may be noted here that milk – breast or formula still rules your baby's diet in the first year.

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