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Flight Attendant Reveals The Bizarre Reason You Should Never Eat On Any Flight


Travelling is great! It is an opportunity to discover new cultures, lifestyles and people - all of which help us to grow together. One of the key elements in our journey is food. Some of us gift our taste buds with new delicacies by not carrying our own food. While the rest of us - carry homemade food for the sake of our tummy. In order to avoid any health issues while travelling, it is advisable to avoid eating from local restaurants, street foods and sometimes even the food served in the train or flight.

Everyone is conscious about their health and it is important to do so. If the words of a flight attend are believed - food served in flights maybe unhealthy. The food served in airlines can be stale or cooked in the aircraft canteen around twelve hours before the aircraft departure. Sometimes it is often prepared with a lot of fat, so we may not able to identify the bad taste.

We do not get the proper taste or sense the smell of the food. This is because we are at such an altitude that our senses go partially numb. Eating ion the ground is different from eating at an altitude. The meals which are with extra spices, salt and fat - satisfy our taste and sight. It is actually to trick us - creating an unhealthy system for us. For example, the sandwich with extra fat can boost your blood pressure.

When we are travelling by flight, we cannot eat everything and anything. At an altitude - our digestive system turns numb. If we eat a lot in a flight, it will trouble us when we land. This is when our digestive and other organs start working normally - making you more tired than you usually are. It is better not to eat anything during a flight.

In fact - not just meals - drinking water from a plane should be avoided too. This is because their water lines are never cleaned properly. About 15% of the tested aircraft water was not pure and contained bacteria.

Drinking carbonated drinks is not good as it increases gas production. At a high altitude - gas production can increase the pressure on lungs. Eating drying fruits that are given as supplements should also be avoided, especially for those who have asthma. Dried fruits contain sulfites that can increase the chance of an attack.

If you think that only the meal served in the flight is a problem, then you are in for a surprise! Tray tables are in flights are also not as clean as they seem to be. In most cases - tray tables are not cleaned in between the flights. Even if they are, they are not wiped thoroughly and a single cloth is used throughout the flight.

In short, the environment in a flight maybe filthy and unhygienic. It might be better to eat few hours before boarding a flight and drink lots of water. This will reduce the chances of food poisoning and other health issues. If you are a person with a particular ailment or disease, then it is advisable to take prescriptions before the start of your journey.

Eat healthy and stay fit mentally as well as physically because we obviously don’t want our tummy to be the reason for cancelling a vacation. Travelling is healing and we should never miss a chance to explore! 

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