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Five Ways To Soothe A Crying Newborn

Crying babies are usually trying to tell you something. As a mother, you will eventually become an expert in understanding the reasons for your baby’s crying. Sometimes all it takes to soothe your baby is a diaper change, feeding or a burp. There are times when you do everything you possibly can, but the crying continues. This needs special attention.

When your baby cries the worst thing you can possibly do is ignore the crying or cry with the baby. Situation like these only aggravate the crying. Here are a few simple measures to soothe your crying baby:

1. Your newborn baby is used to a closed warm womb. The open airy space can make them uncomfortable and scared. Wrap your baby in a soft warm blanket to keep the baby snug and comfortable. Ensure that you do not wrap your baby too tightly because it can be suffocating.

2. A vibrating washing machine can do wonders for a crying baby. The still constant vibration can soothe your baby down. Ensure that you hold the crib in order to avoid the baby from falling off.

3. Carry your baby in different positions. Cradling your baby with your arm around their chest can be very soothing for your baby. Lying down with your baby on your bare chest is also known to be soothing.

4. Certain kinds of noises around your baby can also be soothing. Put on the TV or soft music because they are known to help calm your baby down. Driving your baby around in a car or a stroller can also stop your baby from crying. Any movement can help your baby stop crying.

5. In cases your baby refuses to stop crying you might have a case of cholic. Gripe water is a good treatment for cholic but you will also have to consult a doctor. There are other discomforts or illnesses that your baby might be going through. So, make sure you get your baby checked by a professional! 

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