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Five Tips To Maintain Baby Hygiene

Keeping your baby clean is very important. Your baby is prone to any sort of infection, and it is best to clean your baby thoroughly in order to avoid infections. You need to understand that your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, so you have to be gentle. There is a different way to clean each area. These are a few tips you must follow:

1. Ears

Your baby’s ears are very sensitive, and under no circumstances should you insert any material into their ears. The insides of your baby’s ears might get dirty but leave the cleaning procedure for the doctor. You can clean the outside of their ears with a cotton swab and warm water. Use it as gently as you can, in a light and soothing motion.

2. Fingernails

Your baby’s fingernails grow quite fast and they accumulate a lot of dirt. Since babies have the tendency to put their finger in the mouth, this can be harmful for their stomach. In order to avoid this you will have to cut their fingernails and clean them regularly. Biting them off with your teeth while they are asleep is an ideal way to avoid fidgeting. Even better is using baby nail clippers that are meant to be used on small hands.

3. Hair

Do not wash your baby’s head regularly. The hair follicles on your baby’s head are very sensitive. Use a tear-free shampoo once a week to massage your baby’s head gently, this will reduce the chance of hairfall. Once you have washed off all the shampoo make sure you dry your baby’s head with back and forth motions. Keep the hair wash quick to avoid your baby getting cold. Refrain from using hair bands, clips or caps, these cause damage to the sensitive hair follicles.

4. Eyes

Cleaning the eyes of your baby should be done with utmost care. Since your baby sleeps quite a bit, they tend to accumulate dirt in their eye. Use a damp cotton swab to clean the eyes and gently remove the dried mucous. Don’t rub too hard though, because it may hurt the skin around your baby’s eyes. 

5. Intimate areas

It is important for you to wash your baby’s intimate areas. Since they are usually kept closed and damp in the diaper it is important for you to take special care. Hold your baby’s legs up and wipe the area with a damp cotton swab, start at the front and gently wipe backwards. Rinse carefully.

It is best to avoid using too many products on your baby's skin as they have many ingredients that may not be safe. Always ask your doctor and do some reading before using products or methods to clean your baby. 

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