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Five Things Only A Parent Would Understand

The moment you become a parent your life is turned upside down. You won't believe the kinds of things you will get comfortable with. There are things you never understand until you are a parent. This is the moment when you join hands with your parents. These are a few things only a parent would understand:

1. No more sleep. The idea of a good night's sleep will vanish. Neither you nor your husband will be able to sleep for more than 5 hours. In the off chance you do, you will be disturbed by the nightmares of poop and vomit. Congratulations, you are officially a parent! Exhaustion will become your best friend, you don’t mind sleeping in the shower if that is the only time you get to sleep.

2. The task of getting out of the house. After you become a parent you will dread getting out of the house because of all the labour that goes into it. Travelling light is no more on option, being on time is a myth. You will probably pack the entire household in bags reading into the possibilities of needing something.

3. Shades of poop will become your area of expertise. At anytime of the day you will be able to smell poop. Changing a diaper is so much more easier for you than putting you own pants on! Even though babies are absolutely disgusting, you have come to terms with poop, vomit, spit and mucus. You will not be grossed out to have conversations about poop on the dining table, nothing disgusts you anymore.

4. You will want your mother to help you desperately. If you haven't been on good terms with your mother, this will be the moment when your mother becomes your best friend. She is the only one that can help you regain your sanity. Your mother has tricks up her sleeve that you never knew existed. You feel safe around your mother like you have never felt before.

5. You become a hypocrite. Being a parent turns you into a hypocrite in no time. Things you swore you would never do, will become a myth. If you had sworn you would not let your child become influenced by television, think again. Anything for your baby to be distracted you will grab with both hands. Television, phones, iPad, take them all! Hypocrisy is a big part of parenting embrace it in all its glory. You don't need your child to know what you truly were before you became a parent, you show them what you wanted to be and make them live up to that! 

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