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Five Things I Didn’t Know About Breastfeeding Till I Tried It

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Breastfeeding is seen as a natural process that all moms go through. But the realities of what ought to be and what is are always varying. Breastfeeding like most things may seem to be an easy task to conquer but till you’ve tried it, you will never know. So here are five things you’ll never know about breastfeeding till you actually try it.

It's Painful

Breastfeeding is a natural process and hence may seem to be an instinct based action, but the reality isn't so. Breastfeeding needs patience and some learning from both the mothers and the baby's side. The process tends to be painful, that most moms are not informed about. Pain can persist for a few days and sometimes even a few weeks. A study conducted found that 81% of new mothers struggle due to the pain involved. But the key is to always go on. The faster you get over this phase, the earlier you'll grow used to the experience.

Hassle of Latching on

Not all babies latch on easily as it is a learning experience for the baby too. Few babies who do learn to latch on, sometimes fall asleep immediately even without taking in much milk. This can create an hassle while nursing and finding a doctor to help you would be your best bet.

Supply and Demand

Your body may not always produce when your baby is hungry. The demand at times may be much higher than what your body can supply and there also might be times when you are able to produce but there is no demand. These are the times, you may need to use a breast pump and store some in the freezer for sudden demands.


You may think that leaking is rare but around the six to eight week mark, a chance of leaking is always high. Knowing or controlling the milking process isn't really in your hands but managing the situation is. Learn some thumb techniques or other tricks to manage the leaking till you’re able to nurse your baby or till you find a breast pump.

It’s Tiring

Breastfeeding takes some energy, you can burn up to 500 calories a day by breastfeeding. This may need you to take it easy as compared to usual work days. But the good news is that you’ll lose the baby weight in doing so. The fat tends to come off from the lower body parts, particularly the buttocks or the hips.

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