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First Time I Had Sex After Having A Baby: 7 Moms Confess

Most to-be mothers are curious about what sex would be like after they have given birth to their child, especially the first time you do it after giving birth. Would you experience pleasure, pain or nothing are some of the questions that cross their mind.

These confessions are from new moms who did the deed for the first time after delivering their little ones.

1. “It escalated pretty quick”

“The doctor had clearly told us to not do anything for a while, giving us a minimum time of three weeks. The thing is, my husband is really hot and he gets my juices running every now and then. So, keeping our hands off of each other was a hard thing for us to do every night. We were successful for about two and a half weeks, but one night, we both couldn't handle it anymore. It all happened so fast that we didn’t know what was happening until we both finished. I know you're supposed to wait and listen to the doctor, but I'm not sorry we did it as well.”

-Suhana S, 26

2. “Painful does not cut it”

“The worst part is, I waited, we waited until it was okay for us to do it. We followed all the rules, but it still didn’t work in our favour. The first time we did it after delivering my baby girl was really painful. Actually, painful does not cut it. I was really sore down there and it hurt so much that we had to stop in the middle of the act. I can never forget that night, as it will always send shivers down my spine. It’s been 2 years since that incident so now we are all okay and it is not painful at all.”

-Preethi K, 25

3. “It was good, but not as good as I expected it to be”

“Yes, it was all steamy and nice in the beginning, but after some time it just dulled down. We have no explanation as to why that happened, but it did. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but not as good as I expected it to be.”

-Ramya M T, 23

4. “One steamy summer afternoon”

“My husband and I were really busy with taking care of our baby girl so it never even occurred to us to do anything except taking care of her until one steamy summer afternoon. It was the best we’ve ever had to be honest. Since it had been a long time since we’d done anything, it felt like our first time all over again. He was gentle, slow and made sure that I had a good time and was not forced to do something I was not comfortable with.”  

-Lakshmi D, 29

5. “It was so unbelievably good”

“So the thing is, we lived in a one bedroom apartment back then. It wasn’t an issue as such for the three of us to stay in one room, but one day when the stars finally aligned, it got a little awkward. The first time we started feeling each other post pregnancy was conveniently stopped by our son’s loud cry, we were so embarrassed that day. And after that, we decided that if we did want to do something, we HAD to be alone. So our mother comes to our rescue. She takes him for a night and we got out time together. It was so unbelievably good. I can tell you with a 100% guarantee that it was the best I’ve ever had.”

-Rose M, 30

6. “Glass pieces in my vagina”

“We had decided what we wanted to do and planned out everything. We lit scented candles, selected my lingerie, put fresh sheets on the bed and created a warm dim-lit room. Everything was right and going the way we’d expected, but when we started off it hurt me a little. The thing is, my husband is the sweetest man to ever walk the earth and when it hurt me, he noticed it immediately. He didn’t want to push me, but I wanted to do this. It was time. So we continued and that was a mistake because after that it just got worse. It felt like I had glass pieces in my vagina and it hurt so much that I started crying. We both stopped and looked down and there we saw blood on our fresh bedsheet. I didn’t know what to do. I ran out of the room completely embarrassed. He knew better than to follow me, so I sat in the hall calming myself down. The next thing I remember is my husband bringing me a cup of hot tea and we just sat down on the sofa and spooned all night on a four seater.”

-Nirmala L, 22  

7. “We were bunnies again, hopping around the house doing naughty things”

“You have to understand we are those hyper high school sweethearts that got married pretty early. And so we have a lot of energy and a lot passion, and that only results in multiple times of the activity. It was a Sunday morning and our son was in my mother’s house. We had the house to ourselves, so we started out in the bedroom like normal people and then moved on to each and every room. It’s felt like we got our groove back. We were bunnies again, hopping around the house doing everything naughty. I had never felt so alive before.”

-Caveri H, 22


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