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Everyone is different and so are babies. These bundles of happiness can be seen in various different forms and formats. We absolutely adore them and accept them in their own crazy way. Just like us, babies have different personalities. Their personalities differ from one another and also from their various moods.

Some can be easy to handle, while some can be extremely impossible to manage. Some can be easy at times, while moody at other times. While babies grow up, we get to see them in different phases.   

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. The Cakewalk baby

As the name suggests, handling these babies is a cakewalk; Meaning, a very easy task. These babies are obedient and polite. They are not just their mommy’s favorite but everyone else who meets them, dotes on them and falls in love with them. These babies are mellow to a certain level and register their complaints only through mild fussing.    

2. Challenge accepted

Well, if you are an adventurous person, then you may go ahead and pray to god for a baby like this one. These tiny tots are little packets with million joules of energy within them. These kids are super sensitive to the smallest of noises and have equally noisy ways to make their discomfort known. It is almost as if they do not have control over themselves or their screaming once they start crying. Good luck taming these wild ones!

3. Oh-so-sensitive

They are as delicate as a feather and you better think twice before touching them, for they are as fragile as glass. Everything and anything can be an annoyance to them; messy rooms, strong smells, too many busybodies in a single room, etc. most infants stop crying after a certain period of time, but these cute little ones are incapable of soothing themselves and might require some third party attention and interference.

4. Intense temperament

These babies are a deadly combination of passion and explosion. All babies go through mild incidents of frustration at not being able to clearly express. They handle this in calm strides but some others seem to explode. Once they start, it might be impossible to stop them even after they have received what they wanted in the first place.

Give these little ones some while to figure themselves out and they will realize on their own, that it isn’t the outer environment that drives them, but their own itty bitty personality.

5. Mood swings bigger than their size

These babies are somewhere the mixture of all the above mentioned categories. Calm at one moment, angry at the next; polite at one moment, rude at another. Sometimes when they are hungry, they would make their hunger known in a mild and peaceful manner, but if it is one of your bad days, then these little ones are going to make a life and death scene.

All being said, most babies are of mild temperament and often controllable by some or the other mean. Slowly and gradually, you as a parent will be able to find out what suits their which mood to behave accordingly. After all, babies may throw all the tantrums that they like, parents are parents and will find a way to deal with every situation.

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