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Find Out How To Keep Your Baby Happy During Diaper Changes

Parents do not like changing diapers. But hey, have you ever considered whether your children like it? Most of them do not, which is why they get irritable and sometimes burst into silent tears while going through a diaper change. While diapers are convenient, they can be harmful if proper care is not taken. 

Changing diapers when necessary or after a certain period of time is extremely important. Try not to procrastinate changing your little one’s diaper unnecessarily. Make sure you use a proper size, one that is not too big or too small for your baby.

Here are a few ways to keep your baby happy during diaper changes:

1. Become a baby.

Remember the baby talk we have with our baby when they are getting an injection at the Doctor’s? It is time to bring that back. Go to your baby’s level and talk to them like you are one too. Look them in the eye and try to establish some play and laughter. Nod at them even if you do not comprehend their language. It is also a good idea to change your baby’s diaper in-between activities.

2. Change where they play.

Changing your baby’s diaper at the place where they keep their toys and where they usually play will keep them occupied with their cars and dolls. You can also use this tactic to change your baby’s diaper when they are engaged in some activity. The fact that you are changing their diaper will not register with them if they are too engrossed in something else.

3. Give them time.

After you suggest a diaper change, look at your baby’s reaction. If it is an extreme reaction, then give them some time and tell them when you will change their diaper. Make sure you show them how to measure that time. This will give them the required time to convince themselves and be mentally prepared for the diaper change. This is a good way to avoid tantrums and meltdowns.

4. Make them familiar.

Your baby will eventually get used to having their diapers changed regularly; however, initially, they might need some time to get familiar. Use toys or dolls to play regular games and also show your baby how even they need a diaper change. Seeing their favourite doll or robot get a diaper change may encourage them to follow suit and not resist the process. Also, making your baby hold the fresh diaper will help them come to terms with the idea of having a new, fresh diaper instead of a dirty one.

5. Get them in a good mood.

If you know that you are going to have to change your baby’s diaper in a while, get them in a good mood. Put on their favourite rhyme or get them to laugh by cheering them on. There is a good chance that your baby will just go with the flow and allow you to change the diaper without causing chaos. 

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