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Find Out How Oral Pills or Contraceptives Affect Your Sex Life

There is no denying the fact that the oral pills have made life easier and stress-free for women as well as for their partners. But just as all good things come with a price, the contraceptives also have their share of demerits and side effects. The extent of the effects or complications may vary from individual to individual. In some cases, it is known to have a deleterious effect on the sex life and libido. Some others may, however, end up having no impact at all.

How these contraceptives affect the sexual life or trigger certain health complications is being explained below.

How Does The Pill Work?

Birth control pills or contraceptives are not only taken to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It also ensures that the intimacy with your partner does not trigger any medical complications or disorders (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). 

The mode of action of an oral pill or contraceptive can explain a lot about its effect on a woman's health. One of the first things that a contraceptive does is bring about a hormonal change to ensure that ovulation does not take place. For this purpose, most of the oral contraceptives are found to contain the hormone progesterone or a combination of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones inhibit the production of another important hormone, the FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone). For ovulation to take place, FSH must be present. In its absence, the release of the matured egg from the ovary will not take place.

How Does This Affect My Libido?

All this basically means that your chances of ovulating are very reduced if you take this pill, hence affecting your chances of getting pregnant.

The oral pill also brings about a significant reduction in the production of the hormone testosterone. Females also produce this male sex hormone. In fact, testosterone is known to give your sex life a much-needed boost, getting you prepared for a wonderful time ahead. When the level of testosterone goes down, it affects your overall sexual life, resulting in a low libido.

Estrogen may also enhance the production of SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin). The SHBG can, in turn, bind to the testosterone, further causing a dip in the concentration of testosterone. Which probably reduces your libido slightly.

Some pills can also reduce the lubricating capacity of the body during the intercourse. The lower the lubrication, the more uncomfortable and painful will be the intercourse.

\Any Side Effects?

While we have been discussing how the birth control pills may bring about a possible downfall in the sexual desire, in some people there may be no change in libido at all. During ovulation, there is believed to be a sudden rise in the testosterone level getting you all the more excited and charged up. The use of the pill is known to keep that sudden spike within control, thereby resulting in little or no change in testosterone level.

The hormonal imbalance may not be an only factor that influences the sexual desire in a person. Stress, anxiety, depression, health complications and disorders can also a play a pivotal role in your libido. A reason that explains why some women continue to enjoy a normal sex life in spite of being on an oral pill.

However, if the oral pill or contraceptive brings about a drastic change in your libido, consider switching onto a different contraceptive. Seeking an expert medical opinion may prove to be beneficial.

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