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Find Out About Your Relationship Based On How You Sleep Together!

One thing we do everyday is SLEEP. So it’s only fitting that there’s a lot of research that goes into decoding sleep patterns, sleeping positions and so on. And if you think scientists are the only one who have a say in this, well, you’re wrong. Behaviour analysts and psychologists have taken a dig at it too and they find that the way you sleep can say a lot about you.  

If you’re someone who sleeps on your back most of the time then it suggests that you’re the silent kind, you mostly keep to yourself and don’t bother about unnecessary things.

Similarly, if you’re someone who sleeps on your stomach, then you’re probably a very outgoing and playful person.

Now if science can say this much about one person, imagine what happens when you throw two people (you and your husband) into the mix.

Here are 5 sleeping positions that will reveal juicy details about your relationship:

1. Spooning

A lot of couples sleep this way (every 1 in 5 couples). Keeping aside the sexual meaning, this position says that one person trusts the other because one person is clearly the vulnerable one. An extension of this is a loose spoon position to which couple who spoon eventually revert too. It shows the maturity of the relationship and that one is comfortable in the other’s presence.

2. Chasing

This position is similar to spooning but instead of occupying the center of the bed, it’s at the edges. This means that one person clearly wants space and has drifted off to the corner but the other person is “chasing” them.

3. Tangling

This is an overly-intimate position that not a lot of couples do on a daily basis. It is usually seen when the couple is overcome with emotions and wants to hold their better half close to their bodies. But on a long-time basis, this might suggest that you are too dependent on each other even for something as trivial as sleeping.

4. Independent

As a stark contrast to the previous position, this is one in which both of you are sleeping with your backs facing each other. This suggests that you both are two individuals that are independent yet close and secure with each other.

5. Butt-touching

When your backs are facing each other, they also tend to touch each other making you ‘back kissers’. This is an extension of the previous position and it suggests that you are comfortable and relaxed in your relationship but interestingly enough this is not seen a lot in relationships longer than a year.

6. Footsie

If your legs are entwined with each other or you have your foot on your partner then it means that one plays a major part in the other’s lives, it’s almost like you can’t imagine your life without them. These are the best friends-in-love type of couple that supports and help each other a lot.

7. Hog

If one person is taking up a majority of the space and even tends to push the other person towards the edge or off the bed, it means that one person is clearly the dominant one in the relationship. It is always better to sleep such that both your heads are on the same levels which suggests you are like minded and have equal power in the relationship. 


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