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Find Out About Hidden Toxins In Your House

There are several toxins that lurk in chemical products like floor cleaners, detergents, soaps and so on which you use on an everyday basis. One could argue that they wouldn’t be added in products if they really are harmful to humans but did you know that these chemicals are linked to several disorders like asthma, cancer, reproductive problems, hormonal changes and neurotoxicity. Here are few toxins you should keep an eye on:

1. Phthalates

Phthalates are found in most household products like air fresheners, dishwashing soap and so on that have fragrance in them. These are endocrine disruptors that can either be inhaled or absorbed straight from the skin. These toxins go straight to the organs when absorbed. In a recent study, it was even found that men with high levels of phthalate compounds in their blood have reduced sperm count.

2. Ammonia

Ammonia is usually used in products that promise no residue or streaks and only shine like glass cleaners. It is a powerful irritant that when inhaled on a daily basis can harm your lungs and cause chronic bronchitis and asthma. This is especially seen among elderly people. Some people even report that they experienced difficulty in breathing from the very first time they used products that contains ammonia in them.

3. Chloride

Chlorine can be found anywhere from your tap water to laundry whiteners and floor cleaners. You can’t help the exposure to chlorine when you bathe, shower or wash your hands with tap water but when you use cleaning products like floor cleaners it comes in direct contact with your hand. Its short-term effects include respiratory irritation and in the long term, it can act as a thyroid disruptor.

4. 2-Butoxyethanol

This is the key ingredient in many multipurpose cleaners which is added to give a sweet smell but you won’t be seeing this in the ingredients list because it is not required by law to add it. When inhaled (especially in closed environments like an unventilated bathroom or a kitchen without windows), this can cause sore throats and in extreme cases, it could also result in narcosis, pulmonary oedema, liver and kidney damage.

5. Phosphates

The phosphates used in cleaning products pose a serious threat to both your health and the environment. These are highly soluble compounds that help dissolve the product easily. When a cleaner that is phosphate-free was used, it was seen that a few symptoms like rashes, dizziness and itchy throats reduced.

6. Triclosan

Those dishwashing liquids and detergents that are labelled as ‘antibacterial’ contain triclosan in them. This is a very aggressive antibacterial agent that will help kill microbes but with overuse of products that have this chemical in them could lead to the microbes building resistance against it. There are also high chances of triclosan being a carcinogen and a hormone disruptor.

Now that you’re aware of all the dangerous chemicals present in your house, we hope you choose better and more natural alternatives. To make sure you and your family stay protected and safe, Tinystep is launching its very own all-natural floor cleaner that is free of all these harmful toxins. It is made from neem, baking soda and vinegar. It will leave your floors shining and germ-free without any harmful side effects. Now you don’t have to worry every time your child crawls on the floor or chews on the toys after picking them up from the floor. It is also pet-friendly so that your furry little companions can live and grow in a toxin-free environment. For all the Bengaluru moms out there, click here and buy our floor cleaner to experience clean and healthy floors. 

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