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Most of the working mom struggles in the initial few months to cope up due to the demanding schedule of putting up with everything, from baby care to household chore and professional commitments. While some moms manage to become a supermom tackling and repeating the same schedule day-in-day-out, some looks for a breather from time to time. While there is no right or wrong approach to managing time, one must, however, ensure that they don’t fatigue out of putting up with everything all at a time. Squeezing some “me-time” from the hectic schedule can do wonders for a working mom. Not only can she enjoy the process of nurturing the baby this way, she can also remain competitive on the job front too.

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Here is a list of ideas for finding some quality time for working moms:

There is no such thing called a super mom: 
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The first step to solve a problem is to accept that there is one. A working mom should confess to her own self that shortage of time is leading to problems in her life and the fact that there is no such thing called a super mom. Once that burden is off the shoulder, it is likely to relieve a person to a considerable extent. This is the first step towards finding time for own self.

Identify what makes a person happy: 
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At the end of the day, it remains a fact that the responsibility of a mother cannot be subsided in the endeavor of finding me-time. It is therefore sensible to identify few tasks that make a working-woman happy instead of planning too many things and tweaking the daily routine too much. For some, reading is a great stress buster, for others shopping can be the ultimate definition of happiness. The idea is to shortlist one or two activities to rejuvenate.

Prepare a list of the possible me-time window:
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Finding out the ideal time to relax may not be always planned. Preparing a list of such windows can make a lot of sense. Grandparents visiting the kids for a couple of hours, off-the-chart nap taken by the kid, are all opportunities a working mom should utilize to indulge in activities she loves doing the most. Doing so on a regular basis will go a long way to rejuvenate her.

Having an open conversation with the partner:

While the work of a mom is more strenuous compared to the dad, it is a good idea to have a very open conversation with your partner. There could be certain tasks such as helping the kid with the dinner, playing with him/her, making her/him go to sleep, to name a few, that can be shared among the parents. Alternately, the tasks could be done on alternate days by either parent as well. This will ensure that both the parent get the much-awaited me-time.

Prioritize work:
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This is perhaps the most important hat-tip that a working woman can follow to find that precious me-time. Not all work done by her is important. There are certain things that can wait for a few days to weeks. Prioritizing work can throw a lot of precious time that is required during this period.

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