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Fashion gets a makeover this year as baby fashion season has just come in! Fill your baby’s wardrobe with everything that’s small, little and cute. Why? Because your baby deserves the best! 2017 has been very happening and there’s so much to do with your baby. Since babies grow up too fast, it is best to keep every memory cheerful so that you can cherish them when your baby grows up.

Dressing up your baby in a variety of clothes, cute accessories, shoes etc. and clicking photographs is a stupendous plan, isn’t it?

There is such a wide clothing range even for babies! Mommies with a passion for fashion, this is a brilliant opportunity for you to play dress up with your little cutie dolls and handsome little man. You can mix and match, add fancy accessories to have a fancy costume for your baby! Imagine how sweet your child would look in those cute little wings and that pink little frock and oh don’t forget those tiny feet wearing the smallest shoe!! Here’s some inspiration only for you to recreate a memorable moment that you could relive forever:

1.For your little princess

There's no better joy than dressing up your real life Barbie! Your little girl twirling in that beautiful dress and she looks so fabulous! Why don't you make your child's festival, even more, happier with a little surprise?There are hundreds of styles and brands to choose from and there are plenty for each age group of kids ranging from 0-3 months to 6-12 and above.

Girlies love pink and they say that baby girls look totally cute when they're in pink! So, find your baby girl a nice frock to wear and add some glamour to her memories with a photoshoot.

Check out these amazing 

2.For the handsome little man

Who says there are no cool clothes for boys! This year, fashion trends have plenty to offer to boys! Who says that only girls should have all the fun!! Dress your little man in the cool and the latest clothes of this season. Diwali is almost here and it is the best time to bring out the best presents for your baby! For boys, this year is all about cool jeans pants and colourful t-shirts.

There are multiple styles and colours to choose from! There are many of his favourite cartoon t-shirts like Mickey mouse, Chota Bheem, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and lots more! There's plenty for all age groups ranging from 0-3 months and up!

Check out these cute superhero t-shirts!

Jeans is something that’s been doing rounds over the internet for a long time now. Why don’t you buy a pair of fancy jeans for your baby son! You can always pair it up with some casual t-shirts too!

3.Classic Shoes

An attire isn't complete without some fancy footwear. Comfort comes first so that your child stays happy throughout the day. Their soft delicate skin needs to be protected all day from all the things that could harm them.

Children tend to get irritated if there is too much sweat accumulated in the footwear. Look for sandals that have good ventilation space. Always make it a point to check the quality of the material of the footwear. Mommies usually pick out footwear that is made up of materials that are light in weight and are breathable and easy to wear. Avoid synthetic materials as they are hard by nature and they could hurt your baby.

Slip on like cotton booties and ballerinas are the most popular ones. Unisex footwear like crocs that are easy to wear and light in weight too. This monsoon, fashionistas have recommended crocs as they’re waterproof by nature and are comfortable for your little one to wear too!   Ensure that it is soft and spongy so that it is easy for your baby to move around.

There are more than hundreds of footwear to choose from both for boys and girl! If you're wondering whether or not you'll find the right one...let me tell you, you will!

Don't forget to check out these awesome Frozen themed crocs!!


Accessories add on to your child’s glamour and style. Don’t you think adding some sparkle would make your baby happy too? Since the current trending clothes have floral patterns with cute bows and satin ribbons, you can pair it up with fancy and colourful hairbands that have big flowers or bows on it. Your daughter would look so adorable in that!

If you wish to, you can buy a pair of fairy wings too! There are cute combo sets available which include- A pair of wings, a hair band with butterflies and a magic fairy wand! Not just that, you can look for cute hair bands, clips and little rings for those tiny fingers!

As for boys, there are some cool jackets that will keep him warm even in winters! There are many colors and materials available for your child to chose from! What’s more in store for you… are caps! There are some fancy caps available for your little gentleman too! 

This festive season, Flipkart brings to you a huge collection and exclusive designs to choose from. Now you can choose from over 1 lakh selections and exclusive brands and turn your baby into a cool fashionista only with Flipkart!

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