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Experiential Learning: How Experiences Affect Your Child’s Development

experiential learning

“The first 5 years of a child has got so much to do with his next 80 years!”

Thinking of giving your child a head start before they go to school? Then, preschool education is the right way! Preschool lays a strong foundation for your child’s future. The way children are taught in those early years determines how well they can grasp the concepts later on.

Did you know, if you are learning something new and your absorption rate is 100 percent on day one, it could be reduced to just 2-3 percent of retention rate at the end of thirty days? And in today’s world, our attention span has come down. To beat this degrading relationship between memory and time, experiential learning is highly effective.

What is Experiential Learning?

experiential learning

Experiential learning is a process of developing skills, knowledge and values from direct experience unlike traditional academic setting. Some of the scenarios that could be used in preschools for experiential learning are:

‣ Setting up a pretend grocery store which helps children to participate and understand the counting, weighing and accuracy.

‣ School plays and dress-up plays where children can learn about different cultures and interact in fun ways.

‣ Planting seeds in a bottle and teaching them how to take care of the plants. This can be a lesson on environmental responsibility.

‣ Group activities where each group has to work on a project (a scavenger hunt, for example). This helps them build strong team building skills and social skills.

Benefits of Experiential Learning:

Following are the many benefits of experience-based learning:

Eases and accelerates learning

Repetitive learning is long gone. In the present day, the most appreciated and highly effective method of learning is experiential learning. It stimulates the thought process of the children, provocates critical thinking, encourages problem solving and decision making. This method eases and accelerates the learning.

Bridge Between Theory And Gap

Experiential learning is learning by doing. But along with that, it also bridges the gap between theory and practicals by providing a hands-on experience of what they learn. This increases the retention rate of what the children learn.

Fuels Mindset

A few things could be learnt only when experienced. Leadership, courage, forgiving are a few of those. Experiential learning helps the children to understand it, experience it and offer great impact on their mindset.

experience based learning

Increase Engagement Level

Experiential learning encourages collaboration with others. In this method of learning, it is necessary to talk, discuss and gain benefits from each other. This sort of increased exposure and engagement boosts the confidence in the child. At the same time, experiential learning teaches the children to have a sense of ownership as they are directly involved in the problem solving.

More Retention Rate

“Do it yourself” concept of experiential learning is highly effective in nature. It could influence feelings and emotions while enhancing the skills and knowledge. This method increases the retention rate as the child gets a hands-on experience and thereby offers amazing returns on investment!

Implements Personalized Learning

Experiential learning takes learning beyond the classroom and away from the traditional approach of learning. In this method, children can set their own pace for learning and it would be encouraged. Along with it, the staff would put all the efforts to make each child understand the concepts through the process they are able to grasp.

Experiential learning has countless number of benefits. Although it is far from traditional learning methods, it is very near to the future of learning. It helps your children to understand the concepts, along with experiencing it. After all, the direction of early education will determine your child’s future!

So, choose a preschool that allows your child to learn based on high-quality experiences. At KLAY Preschools, this concept of experiential learning has been incorporated it as a part of the core curriculum. Learning is brought to life with creative classrooms which provide hands-on age appropriate experiences, activity based learning and real-life situations to achieve developmental milestones. Learning centres are a mix of outdoor and indoor play, music, art forms, role play, . Its followed up with practical real world experiences to reinforce like field trips and expert visits. KLAY’s trainers give personalized learning experiences tailored to each child’s unique personality and intelligence. Thus, your child will surely receive the best possible learning experience at KLAY. Enroll your child at KLAY today.

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