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Expect The Unexpected During Pregnancy

Once you realize you’re pregnant, you’ll probably read anything and everything related to pregnancy so that you stay prepared for whatever comes your way. But life is full of surprises and your pregnancy is no different. Here are few things that you might not expect during pregnancy but might be subjected to, nevertheless.

1. Sudden Bleeding

It might not have been even a few days since you last saw that positive pregnancy test and now you see a blood stain on your panties. Was it a false positive or is something harming your fetus? Most likely the blood you see is because of implantation bleeding when the fetus attaches itself to the uterine wall. This is usually a very small amount of blood and won’t last that long. If you notice spotting more than a handful of times during the course of your pregnancy, do consult your doctor.

2. (Non) Morning Sickness

You might’ve heard of morning sickness that pregnant women experience as soon as they wake up but did you know that you can experience nausea at any time of the day. If could be because you caught a whiff of a certain smell or even as you’re just minding your own business. In severe cases, morning sickness might last all day.

3. Cravings For Crazy Things

Yes, pregnant women tend to eat a lot. But you might crinkle your nose with disgust if you hear some of the things pregnant moms binge on. Some women tend to add pickle to every food they eat, savoury and sweet. Some women douse their dosas, idlis and chapati in sugar. You start craving for crazy and weird combinations that your non-pregnant brain would’ve never been able to come up with.

4. Emotions Everywhere

Stories of pregnant moms bursting out or snapping at the littlest of things are not a rare occurrence. Yet, you would’ve convinced yourself that you will not be one of many and will have your emotions in control. Sadly, your hormones don’t exactly cooperate with these plans of yours. You will have to get used to the mood swings and the emotional rollercoaster.

5. Hot Flashes

There will be times during your pregnancy when you’ll wake up drenched in sweat and this will have nothing to do with the weather. Hot flashes can leave you throwing away the blankets and ripping off your sweater. These episodes tend to worsen as your due date nears. Although this appears to be scary, it’s nothing to beat yourself up about.

6. False Contractions

During the months leading up to childbirth, it's common for pregnant mommies to experience Braxton Hicks (contractions of the uterus that don't dilate the cervix). These might make the mommy think she’s about to have her baby only to realize that they’re a false alarm. You could be one of the lucky bunch who never get to experience Braxton Hicks or you might have them a lot of times in the third trimester.


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