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Exercises To Reduce Face Fat Effectively

From double chin to chubby cheeks, face fat can be quite a nightmare affecting one's overall physical appearance and self-confidence adversely. As per a survey, about 70% of face fat generates from being obese. While running and physical exercises (such as sit up and push-ups) do play a pivotal role to get rid of body fat, the same doesn’t help when it comes to reducing face fat. In addition to a healthy and nutritious diet, it requires specific facial exercises to get rid of face fats. Here is a list of few of them that can help one to get started.

Chin Lifts:

If double-chin is a concern, this exercise can be a real saviour. The chin lifts help in stretching facial muscles such as the neck, jaw, and throat. One can perform the exercise while in a sitting or a standing position. For the chin lifts, one needs to tilt the head towards the ceiling while keeping the eyes fixed towards the same. With the lips kept tight, one should make an endeavour to kiss the lips and hold on to the position to a count of 10. Repeat the exercise 9-10 times. However, One should ensure that no muscle other than the lips are used while performing the chin lifts.

Jaw Release:

If you wish to get an attractive jawline sans the double chin, the jaw release is what you need to do. The exercise goes a long way to stretch the muscles around the cheeks, lips, and jaws. Standing or sitting in a steady position and with the lips kept close, move your jaws (similar to chewing a gum) with breathing in and out deeply. In the next step, open the mouth wide and press the tongue within the bottom tooth. Hold on to the posture for 5 seconds followed by breathing in and out. Repeat the steps no more than 10 times a day.

Stretch the face muscles:

As indicative of the name, all this exercise requires is to stretch the face muscles with the help of the hands. To do this, you need to lower the chin and touch the chest. The idea is to pull the skin in such a way that it moves below the cheekbones. Pronounce “Ah” while still in this position. Maintain the static position for a while. Repeat the steps for 10 more times.

Tightly close the eyes:

The exercise is hassle-free and requires a person to close the eyes tightly with the cheek muscles. While performing the step make sure that you feel the contraction of the muscles on the face. Sustain on to this position for 10 seconds. Now relax the muscles slowly. Repeat the steps for no more than 5 times a day.

Fish Face: 

Though simple, the fish face can fetch you fruitful results for the cheeks. The USP of the exercise lies in the fact that you can perform the exercise anywhere and anytime. Fish face helps to tone the cheek muscles thereby playing a pivotal role in getting rid of the face fats quickly. The fish face requires a person to suck the lips and cheeks and then try to smile while being in the same posture. Hold on to the posture for 5 seconds. A person could feel the instant burn on the lips and the cheeks. Repeat the exercise 10 times in a day.

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