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Everything You Need To Know About Using Pillows For Your Baby

Introducing pillows into your baby's sleeping schedule

You are often advised to remove soft bedding cover, thick blanket and pillows when your baby is a newborn because of the risk of suffocation hazards. What about now when your baby has grown up? Parents often seem confused about the right time to introduce pillow in their baby’s life. Thinking your baby might sleep better with a pillow in his crib is not a good decision. Placing pillows and cushions near your baby’s sleep environment at a young age can cause serious hazards due to blockage of their nose and mouth. In order to restrain from such accidents, you must know when it’s right time to introduce a pillow in your kid’s life. Here’s a detailed guide that will give you an insight of when to throw in a pillow and what to get to help your kid get a sound sleep.

No pillows below the age of 3 years

Many parents often put their baby at risk by rushing before the right time to introduce a pillow in their sleep environment. Your baby might die because of suffocation when they become trapped in between the pillow and are unable to breathe. It’s always a good rule of thumb to introduce a pillow when you switch your kid from the crib to the bed. Before that, your baby can have a safe and sound sleep on his own without the need for these extra items. 

Flat pillow is the safest bet
Flat pillows are good for babies while you are introducing them

Even when your kid reaches the age of three years he can’t safely use the pillows that you’re using for yourself. When you do introduce a pillow, flat pillows are meant to be the best because your baby’s head won’t sink into that and he would be safe the entire night. On the other hand, if you introduce fluffy pillows they might put their face in the pillow leading to a low supply of oxygen. So stay away from feathery and fluffy pillows that can smother your kid while he’s sleeping.

Smaller the pillow safer is your baby

When you place cushion or pillow near your baby’s sleep environment you must cross-check the size of the pillow. While large sized and fluffy pillows are an absolute no because of the risk of suffocation and breathing problem, small pillows can help them get placed comfortably on the bed. Baby pillows are small and thin for a reason. The large size of the pillow can cause babies to suffocate by getting trapped in between the sides of them. Before buying pillows for your babies don’t forget size does matter.

Never add pillows to the crib
Adding pillows to the crib is a strict no-no.

Pillows are not recommended for babies while they sleep in the crib because of the risk of fatal sleep incidents. When your baby is sleeping in a crib he’s too small to bear the added pressure of anything extra. It will also be difficult for you to have an eye on him while he’s lying in his crib and you’re sleeping on the bed. It’s better not to rush to introduce a pillow when your baby is still wriggling in the crib.

Placing your kid on a wrong pillow can make your baby wiggle with a cramped neck. Avoid using a pillow for your kid until he’s well into being a toddler that can take care of his safety. Remember safety always comes first when it’s for the sake of your baby.  

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