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Everything You Need To Know About Shingles In Kids

Shingle is a viral infection often accompanied by painful tiny blisters on the whole body. Though it is more common in adults kids might also be at risk of getting infected by it if they have a weak immune system or have not been vaccinated against it. Few babies can get shingles from an encounter with an adult having it or unvaccinated child who is already carrying the infection. Unlike other rashes, shingles are more painful and less itchy. If your kid has got an agonizing skin rash then instead of ignoring the symptoms it’s always advisable to consult your Doctor. If proper care is taken it will disappear in a month and your baby will be completely fine once again. Here are few other facts about this viral infection which you must know.  

Shingles can be very painful in kids

Shingles is a head scratcher for the generation of kids. It causes extraordinary pain and you can feel like an electric shock every time you experience this contagious disease. The shooting pain can trigger your whole body into pieces and you might feel like an electric fence strapped to your body. The pain doesn’t easily go away with conventional painkillers which can even increase your suffering. The worst thing about shingles is that the pain might linger even when your rashes completely disappear.

Alleviate pain with FDA approved skin patch

The only remedy which holds promise to alleviate 40% of pain instantly during the painful period of shingles is the FDA approved skin patch which contains a high dose of capsaicin. It is not only effective in alleviating the pain but also calms down your whole system. You just need to use it in moderation and need to learn the correct way to use it for maximum results.

There’s no vaccine against it for the kids
You can’t completely prevent it

If you’re thinking of preventing this infectious disease completely then sadly there’s no such vaccination against it that can completely alleviate this disease. The chicken pox vaccine can help in reducing the impact but it will not guarantee you total isolation from this disease. It’s better to focus on keeping your kid’s immune system healthy so that the disease doesn’t hit your kid often.

Weakened immune system might wake up the virus

It’s extremely important to have a strong immune system if you want to prevent your kid from getting affected by this viral disease. A weakened immune system doubles up the chances of the trouble and your child will face severe complications once affected by it. It’s, therefore, better not to lower your kid’s defence system which will itself act as a vaccination against it.

If there is a solitary stripe of small bubbles on your kid’s skin then he might be suffering from shingles. It can be cured with proper care but it’s always better to refrain from being in contact with somebody already having the infection. Keep your kid’s immune system strong to reduce chances of being affected by it. As we’ll know prevention is the best care!

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