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Everything You Need To Know About Raising Your Child To Be Mentally Strong

Gone are the days when parents were more concerned about the physical health of their child. While physical well being is essential, mental toughness cannot be ignored either. In fact, physical and mental toughness are both crucial to survive in today's world. No wonder, parents (along with the educational institutions) are leaving no stones unturned to instil the mental toughness in their child to benefit them in the long run. Here are some vital tips to help parents instil mental toughness in their child.

It is a well-known fact that almost all children look up to their parents as superheroes, their role models. You cannot expect your child to exhibit mental toughness if you appear mentally weak in front of them. Action speaks louder than words. Lead from the front, show them your mental strength. Sooner or later, your child will also draw inspiration from your mental toughness.

Many parents choose to ignore the mistakes of their child keeping their tender age in mind. There is no denying the fact that children need your care and affection but a mistake is a mistake. If they have made a mistake, they need to take responsibility for that. Making them realize their mistake, no matter how small and reprimanding them for the same is an essential step in building their mental strength.

Most of the children have their fears and inhibitions. While some may be scared of darkness, others may get cold feet if they have to sleep alone. Here also, don't encourage your child, it will only worsen the situation. Instead, your motive should be to help your child overcome his/ her fear. If your child refuses to eat or sleep, don't terrorize them with the stories of a demon who will punish them for not listening to you. These stories will only work towards making them mentally weak.

Positive thinking and mental toughness are like the two faces of the same coin. Life cannot always be a bed of roses. While success may give you happiness, you should be prepared to deal with failures without much stress or negativity. As for your child, at times, they may fail to live up to your expectations, especially academically. While the failure is temporary, don't let this dampen their spirit or push them into depression. Instead, help them to recognize and overcome their shortcomings with more vigor.

Mental toughness is a lot about the ability to control your emotions as and when required. By this, we don't mean suppressing your feelings. It is all about regulating your emotions as per the situation. As mostly seen, children often find it hard to control their emotions. Your effort should be to not only help your child understand his/her emotions (anger, happiness, sadness) but also to deal with them independently sans your help.

Enabling your child to adapt to changes (can be physical, emotional, environmental) gracefully can play a pivotal role in strengthening their mental strength. 

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