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Everything You Don't Know About A C Section

Childbirth is the most life-changing experience and a woman’s life is known to make an all new beginning once she becomes a mother. Now, is it not surprising that any major change in one’s life starts with a decision? A decision that you have made to go in a certain way. Sometimes they can be voluntarily made and other times, they are made because one does not have a choice. However, most decisions are definitely made keeping the best interests in mind. For a mother, going for a caesarean section is one such decision! Women sometimes opt for a caesarean out of choice since they do not want to go through the natural pain of vaginal birth. However, in cases like breech, for example, a would-be mother is left with caesarean as the only choice of delivery.

Take it with a pinch of salt if you want, but a caesarean has 30% more risks involved when compared to a normal delivery.Also, it involves more medical attention, constant monitoring, pills and fluids. Strangely though, it is disturbing to note that an increasing number of women are opting to go under the knife these days. This should definitely not be encouraged by well-meaning medical practitioners. Natural birth is an undebatable choice when it comes to the safest method of bringing your bundle of joy into this world. So, the key to understanding and making the right choice is by educating yourself about a caesarean and its after-effects. For starters, there isn’t much that is commonly discussed, so it is best to outline few facts about it for our own benefit.

 So, the key to understanding and making the right choice is by educating yourself about a caesarean and its after-effects. For starters, there isn’t much that is commonly discussed, so it is best to outline few facts about it for our own benefit. Here, we have lined up five facts about a caesarean that you may not know.   

1. Out of action for weeks

After undergoing a caesarean, a new mom will take at least eight weeks to heal completely. This means you become more dependent on your partner, family, and friends a lot more than you did before. On the other hand, normal deliveries ensure that mommies can be on their toes within hours after delivering the child.

2. Lactation takes time to start

Mommies who have had a c-section face an uphill task when it comes to experiencing the first trickle of lactation. Procedures like “suction” need to be adopted to try and express milk initially. Quoting by personal experience, it is a painful yet workable solution. Normal delivery doesn’t come with this issue.

3. Sutures take time to heal

The sutured area will hurt you when you try to sit up for the first few days. In some cases, there might be a possibility of a pus discharge even after 1.5 months after delivery and your medical practitioner should be consulted for an antiseptic cream to be applied to the affected area. Since it would have disturbed a lot of nerves in that area, it results in itching. Additionally, the itching stays on for a long time and in few people, can remain for over 3.5 years. This again depends on an individual’s immunity levels - the better the immunity, the faster the healing.

4. Constipation

This is quite common among new caesarean mommies. Initially, it will burn while peeing as well. Your gynaecologist will be constantly concerned about whether flatulence has occurred or not. Yep! It is only when you pass the wind that the body gets into its normal routine.

5. No bending and lifting

This is true for even normal delivery cases, however, caesarean spells extra caution against any heavy duty work like lifting heavy objects or bending, twisting or any fooling around as such. You need to be extra careful.

Whether caesarean or normal, family support plays a major role in helping a mother recover early on, both physically and emotionally, to get back to their normal routines. Caesareans do require a little more of it though and that is undeniable. Mommies, irrespective what choices you make to deliver your baby, remember to stay healthy and happy at all times. Happy motherhood! 

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