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Everyday Mom Struggles You Can Relate To

“Life is a struggle”. Who said that?

Every philosophical monger, that’s who. It’s called a ‘wise old saying’. But is it wise, really? Is creating a pessimistic outlook towards one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, wise?

It’s the very same that goes with ‘Mom Struggles’. Being a mother is a gift. There are countless women in the world who do not get to experience this joy. Hence, in our opinion, every mother deserves to feel blessed. And for the struggles associated with being a mother, don’t look at them as struggles, look at them as ‘niggles’ or something.

Scientifically, it’s proven that sharing a problem with fellow human beings helps. Therefore, to make it easier for you to deal with your ‘niggles’, here are some everyday mom struggles that not only you but millions of mothers face on an everyday basis:

1. A working niggle:

Being a working mother is extremely hard because one has to attain that perfect work-life balance. Attaining that balance can often be looked at as a struggle. Often things don’t go according to ‘plan’. You want to spend more time with your little ones but you also have a deadline to adhere to; one of the worst balancing acts of life.

2. The mornings:

For mothers with young ones, the mornings can be quite an ardent task in their everyday routine. The little ones are cranky, disobedient and in short, the house is in a constant state of panic and irritation. When the kids grow older, you have the hassle of sending them off to school on time, which, easy as it sounds is one of the biggest everyday struggles for every mother.

3. The sleep:

Everyone knows that putting a baby to sleep is extremely difficult. Hence, this is a struggle that needs no explanation thanks to the media. But if you want to know why? It’s generally because kids love playing and the act of sleeping just seems too boring for them to do it peacefully.

4. Managing time:

As an adult, there are a lot of other relationships to cater to and things that you like to do for which there’s barely any time after fulfilling your duties as a mother. Managing time in a manner that allows you to focus on things other than your little one is challenging. In fact, in many ways, it’s a struggle.

5. The curiosity conundrum:

Curiosity never killed the cat, sure. But when children get taken up by curiosity, they take it to a whole new level. They like to put anything and everything into their mouth and frankly, for mothers, this is quite a terrifying scenario. Battling this undying curiosity and ensuring the child’s safety is the struggle, nothing else.

6. Growing up:

Here’s where it gets funny. Initially, the struggle that mothers face revolves around the child vying for their constant attention. However, once the child is grown up the tables turn. As a mother, you now want to do ‘adult-things’ together with your child. Simply put, you want to be your child’s best friend but can’t. Once grown up, children often think their parents as “not-cool-enough” to hang out with. Also, the nature of their problems evolves to a whole new level. Tackling these new age problems requires a lot of tact from the mother’s side.

To conclude, don’t look at problems as struggles. It’s too big, too strong a word. Sure, we used it in this article but let it be the first and last time in doing so. From now on, your ‘struggles’ are nothing but small niggles. To all the mothers out there, forget about the niggles; just remember who you are: you are a mother after all.

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