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Effects Of Obesity When You’re Expecting

Obesity is often seen as a big problem during pregnancy. Even when your pregnancy might be textbook perfect from the physical point of view it is often said that “if you’re pregnant you’re putting your baby’s health at risk”. There is some fear that all pregnant women have if they are obese but the good news is that even when you’re overweight you can expect to have a healthy pregnancy. Who better than Maria Carey who had put on 30 pounds during her pregnancy can help you conquer your fear of obesity during pregnancy? There are potential perils of putting on weight during pregnancy but you don’t need to turn into a sycophant. If you too are in a perplexing mix of fat stigma and its effect during pregnancy then we are here to bust those myths you’ve to date with solid facts you can trust .

The risk of spontaneous preterm birth

Do you know that obese women are at higher risk of spontaneous preterm birth? They often have an early delivery which also brings the baby’s health at risk. Saying this we don’t mean that you should start starving yourself if you’re overweight during pregnancy. Why not prepare yourself for this ecstatic adventure in advance. Shed some weight in the gym and try to be perfectly fit before you decide to conceive .

Missing the bonuses for pregnancy

A plus-sized woman often has to compromise with the exciting bonuses of pregnancy. You might find it hard to find the maternity clothes and the pouring bits of advice from your colleagues and friends about a potential risk of obesity during pregnancy can tear you in bits and pieces. While other moms might be overeating you’ll be criticized for making wrong food choices. The world is so partial, isn’t it?

Stress comes with obesity

Stress is one of the greatest problems over-sized moms have to face during pregnancy which further increases all the other problems. Whether it is because of the comments made by people, alarming views of people about obesity on the internet or your Doctor’s list of possible risks, stress always surrounds a plus size mom. But during pregnancy, you should strive for peace in your life, so that you and your baby can be healthy.

Failed Labor Induction

The increase in unnecessary abdominal deliveries is the result of failed labour induction. Plus sized women often are not able to release the oxytocin after membrane rupture which leads to failed labour induction. The best way to avoid it is by following your doctor’s instruction and having a proper diet. It’s better to be prepared in advance. There are ups and downs, of course, but the reality is bound to surpass your expectations since this is a ‘joy’ ride you will cherish forever.

We have often heard “the healthiest seeds create the healthiest plant”. It’s best to aim for a normal weight before pregnancy so that you can avoid the complications during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most important time of a woman’s life. It’s not too late to start making changes now.

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