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Effects Of Listening To Music During Pregnancy

Garbh Sanskar (Garbh = fetus; Sanskar = Educating the mind) basically means educating the mind of the fetus in the womb. It is traditionally believed that the child’s mental and behavioral developments begin as soon as he is conceived and the personality of the baby starts to take shape at the same time. The mother’s state of mind, what and how she talks to the baby, listening to the music, reading loudly for the baby, the gentle touch/massage on the womb, yoga, and meditation – all these contribute to the Garbh Sanskar. 

Many medical researches were also conducted to study the effect of music on the unborn child. According to the research, there was a significant improvement in their overall mental, cognizant, behavioral, psychological, sensory and emotional development of the babies who were exposed to music in the womb compared to the babies who were unexposed to music.

 Listening to Indian classical music, specifically the Kalyani raga, each day for at least 20 minutes could improve the baby’s reflexes, responses, movement and mental stimulation. So, here are a few benefits of providing Garbh Sanskar to your child by listening to the music during pregnancy. 

1. Improves auditory senses

Listening to the music with earphone/headphone during pregnancy will significantly enhance the concentration ability of your unborn child, auditory senses and cognitive skills. Although at this stage the baby does not understand music, he perceives the music as rhythmic sound waves. The baby will receive the vibrations from sound waves and try to concentrate on the sounds. This will stimulate the baby mentally and enhances the concentration ability. After a certain developmental stage, babies can react to the music as well.

2. Improves reflexes of the baby

It is observed that when you listen to the music, the unborn child receives the rhythmic sound waves and try to react to the same. The baby may also try to move in sync with the vibrations. This improves your baby’s reflexes and reactions. And the reaction provokes the baby to have continuous overall movements.

3. Overall personality development

 Listening to music during pregnancy could impact the overall personality development of your unborn baby. A soothing sound or soft music could shape your baby’s personality as calm one whereas the loud music could make him aggressive and anxious personality. However, this is one of the common beliefs. No studies have been conducted yet to back up this theory. But it is worth giving a try.

4. Controlling stress level

Pregnancy could be stressful for most of the women due to hormonal changes. Every emotion seems to be heightened during pregnancy, including bad, stressful and negative ones too. This leads to mood swings, sudden outbursts, and other complications. Listening to soothing music in such cases calms you down and reduces the pregnancy-related stress level to a greater extent.

5. After birth Effects: Acts as Lullaby

Many researchers are of the opinion that there are certain after birth effects of listening to music during pregnancy. You unborn baby will be able to remember the music and sound that you listened to during your pregnancy. This means that the same music could be used to used to soothe your little munchkin after once he enters the world. The music acts as a lullaby and calms your baby instantly. So make sure to listen to good classical music or soothing tunes that help in the brain development of your baby. Hard rock or metal music could make the baby weird from the birth itself.

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