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Eat These Foods As Much As You Want Without Gaining Weight

Weight gain is a problem that a lot of people all around the world suffer from. And though sometimes there are certain medical conditions involved, all the other times it’s just the lifestyle and eating habits that create problems and leads to weight management problems. So, it becomes important that you make certain changes in your lifestyle and also control your eating habits. And to help you in this endeavour, we have made a list of foods that you can eat as much as you want without gaining much weight.

1. Eggs

Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids and most of its nutrients are found in the yolk. Eating eggs for breakfast will keep you more satisfied and consume fewer calories throughout the day. Also, eggs are a very good source of protein and Vitamin-D. So, eat eggs in the morning and in the evening and you will be set for the day.

2. Apples

One of the most important fruits, apple helps you feel full throughout the day. This happens because they contain pectin, a soluble fibre that slows down digestion. They contain large amounts of water and soluble fibre but contain fewer amounts of calories thereby not adding to your weight.

3. Oatmeal

Oats are highly soluble and have a great capacity to absorb water. They are also rich in fibre content which helps improve your digestion while also helping you feel full. They have high nutritional value and can be eaten any time of the day in as much quantity as you want.

4. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is low in calories but high in protein. It is also rich in vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. Being high in protein, cottage cheese digests slowly and hence you feel full for a longer time and thus do not overeat. Cottage cheese is a good way to have healthy food that can be turned into multiple recipes and you can have the food to your heart’s content.

5. Boiled Potato

Whole potatoes are loaded with vitamins, fibre, and other important nutrients. They contain a type of starch known as resistant starch, that helps you take in fewer calories because resistant starch contains half the calories compared to regular starch and helps you satisfy hunger. Boiled potatoes are quite literally the most satisfying food. Thus, you can actually have multiple boiled potatoes and you will be just fine with them.

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