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Easily Digestible Foods For Babies - Baby Weaning

It’s no news that babies have a hard time eating food like the rest of us. Their little tummies won’t be able to break down and digest every little thing you give them and then they eventually end up with upset stomachs. Once you start your baby on solid foods (weaning), there are certain things you need to keep in mind about the type of foods you give him.

Here are 6 easily digestible foods that your little one can enjoy without putting too much pressure on their digestive system: 

1. Start with juices

You may have been exclusively breastfeeding your baby for the first 6 months so rather than jumping straight ahead to solid foods, start with fruit juices. Apple is a good place to start. Peel an apple, cut it into slices and boil them in a pan. Mash it into a smooth paste and strain the juice out of it. Let it cool down to room temperature and feed your baby this clear juice.

2. Solid fruits and vegetables

Once your baby gets acquired to the taste of fruit juices, it won’t be a problem to introduce actual fruits and vegetables. Since your baby can’t chew a whole banana or a carrot, mash them using a fork (should boil the vegetables beforehand to soften them) and then feed them. Ripe banana, mango, chikoo, carrots, and potatoes are very popular first foods. But make sure to introduce only one fruit or a vegetable at a time.

3. Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt smoothies are not only delicious and filling but they are also easily digestible. Blend half a cup of plain yogurt with half a cup of fresh fruit juice in a mixer grinder or a juicer. You can add water to dilute the mixture. Feed spoonfuls to your little one and see how they react, if they don’t take to it, try again with other fruits.

4. Cereals

Cereals, especially ones with barley, rice or oatmeal tend to be very light on your baby’s tummy. You can mix them with formula or breast milk, making them soft. These cereals are usually fortified with minerals and vitamins. Some babies are known to spit up when first introduced to cereals, don’t be alarmed, this is completely normal.

Consult with your physician before starting on solid foods and ask the doctor about the type of foods that are safe to introduce in your baby’s diet. These foods may vary depending on the nutritional requirement of your child.  

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