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Early Signs Of Pregnancy You Should Know

The pregnancy is the beginning of new tidings and the welcoming of tiny steps into your life. Being pregnant is a hard to tell fact until you miss the monthlies. When you are single, you hardly bother about understanding the symptoms of pregnancy and once you get married, you remain on alert mode regarding the good news. A newly wedded friend of mine took to asking her teacher to understand the symptoms of pregnancy (and was met with an eye roll) and a cousin ran around as a bridesmaid only to get the good tidings the very next day (and she regrets for the lack of understanding of the earlier symptoms to this day).

So if you don't wish to end up like these two, then read on:

1. Tenderness in boobs: 

Tender, swollen and tingling sensation in the boobs (along with heaviness) can be attributed as the first sign of pregnancy. This is caused by the hormonal transition to the fetal implantation. To ease the transition, invest in a comfy maternity bra.

2. Frequent urge to seek the loo: 

Before even the baby prompts you to seek loo with his weight gain, you will feel like you need to relieve yourself. This is a natural outcome of pregnancy but remember to stay hydrated.

3. Fatigue and nausea: 

Progesterone boost during the pregnancy can lead to a feeling of extreme fatigue (which can be corrected by increasing the multivitamin intake). You may end up with lower blood pressure and sugar levels. Now you understand why faintness is a common sign of pregnancy.

4. (Welcome back) Period mimicking cramps: 

The foetal attachment with the uterus leads to mild bleeding and cramps that are mistaken for matrimonial health side effects. Further, the bloated or constipated stomach is another giveaway. The bleeding is light shade and erratic. The usually pink vagina also takes a darker colour. If the bleeding persists then consult your gynaecologist.

5. A heightened sense of smell and morning sickness: 

As you progress in the pregnancy, food craving are preceded by an equally heightened sense of smell and decreased a sense of taste. You may Initially feel like all the food have lost the taste and feel aversion to the favourite foods as well. You may experience mild headaches as well. Keep crackers in your reach and feel comfortable with the initial mama-hood needs.

6. A missed period call: 

Well if it isn't obvious with the above symptoms, it is best to rely on understanding your luteal cycle better. A missed period is the surest indication of the motherhood. Similarly, a high basal temperature for two weeks spells good news.

7. Other symptoms: 

Pregnancy may bring along symptoms like lower backache, mood swings, breathlessness and swelling amongst numerous others. If symptoms persist, consult with the gynaecologist immediately.

Every week brings new symptoms with it. Your body helps you intake what is good for both of you and your aversion is a sign of things that are not good for the baby. Keeping ginger or wearing acupressure bands can help relax. Remember that you need to be stress-free as well as stay off from the intoxicants to get the healthy environment for the baby.

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