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Drink These Miracle Potions For A Flat Tummy!

Weight gain is one of the most predominant causes of women to feel stressed and have a negative notion of their bodies in their mind. In due respect of the amazing women with amazing bodies, what we see on the internet becomes a way of looking at ourselves. We have a double sized version of ourselves in our head, which makes us feel poorly of ourselves. We see women doing an array of things like going to the gym, exercising, using waist trainers shed those unnecessary kilos and get into shape.

Obviously, as a mommy, you might not get a lot of time for yourself as you have to run a lot of errands be it taking care of the baby or handling the whole house. To feel happy, you might have even found yourself munching on bags of chips and sweets at odd hours of the day. Let us tell you one thing straight- IT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! After eating these sinful foods, you must have felt less energetic and sluggish throughout the day.

Don’t worry mommy, we have got your back and we’re here to tell you about 3 amazing concoctions which you can easily make at home and use it for weight loss! Just make these a part of your daily diet routine and watch yourself transform:

1.Warm Lemon and Honey Water

This is every trainer’s health secret to weight loss as it is one of the easiest way to lose weight. The best part about this drink is the lemon and citrus quotient. The lemon helps the liver produce bile juice which helps in breaking down fat at a faster pace. It helps in breaking down complex fats and other compounds more effectively in the stomach. Lemon also contains an enzyme called pepsin, which helps in keeping you full for long hours and you can say bye-bye to those food cravings!

You need to add honey because it is an instant energy booster. Adding it with water will help in making the environment in your stomach more alkaline therefore helping you lose weight easily.

All you need is ½ a lemon and 1 tsp honey. Mix these two in hot water and enjoy!

2.Digestive Tea

You can have this tea after a heavy meal or early in the morning right after you wake up in the morning. All you need is 1 tsp of fennel seeds, coriander seeds and cumin seeds. Add this to a pot of boiling water and boil it for about 5-6 minutes. Just cool it, strain it and drink a fresh hot cuppa! As far as Ayurveda is concerned about this, it is a calming and relaxing tea which will not only help you shed those pounds but also help you relax after a long busy day.

3.The belly-flattening juice

This is every fitness person’s favourite bedtime drink! It is the main ingredient to kick those unnecessary belly rolls away. All you need is- 1 cucumber, some parsley leaves, ½ a grated ginger and a squeeze of lemon. Just blend all of these together with water and Voila!! Your magic potion for weight loss is ready to be consumed!

The reason why you need to consume these together is because cucumber contains a lot of water and only 45 calories. So, it is super awesome for your tummy. Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals, plus they’re low in calories too! It eases the water retention in the body and helps in reducing bloating. Ginger helps in busting belly fat by increasing your body’s metabolism and it is a great antiseptic.

You must have this juice at night because it helps in boosting your metabolism and burns fats and calories while you SLEEP!

So, ladies, keep it in your mind….even if your mind says fries and pizza, your mind loves the greens and herbs! 

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