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Dreams - we all have them, but we don’t always remember them. We are always left wondering what they meant or why we even had those dreams. It’s not like we were thinking about getting chased by a bunch of giant saucepans before going to bed. So why do we dream of that? You are sleeping safe and sound on your bed and yet you had a dream where you fell right off a mountain while climbing it. Why does this happen? How does this happen?

Read on to find out how it happens and what your dreams mean.

Why do we dream?

After decades of research, studies are continuing to find out why exactly we dream. Dreams often happen in the REM stage of our sleep, when we just start to nod off into a deeper sleep. The dreams we have in the later REM stages (like stage 4) is when we remember our dreams clearly. Sleep disorders or improper sleep patterns can cause dreams that are more negative in nature.

Here are a few common dreams that you might have had and what the dreams mean.

Lost or Late

Most of us get this dream of being lost. This could mean that you are somehow lost in an otherwise familiar place or that you are in an unknown place altogether. Dreaming about showing up late is also another common dream. Both of these dreams are caused by a common problem. It simply means that don’t believe in your own capabilities to get things done properly and on time.


Ever dreamt of falling from the sky? Or from the bed? Or a cliff? Or a building? We have all had this dream at some point or the other. Sometimes, the dream jolts us awake as we reach the ground and other times, we just continue to free fall. Falling in your dreams could just mean that there is something from the past that you need to let go. It may also indicate a fear or a negative force that you need to let go.

Being pregnant

Dreaming about being pregnant could either be because you actually are pregnant or because you really want to be pregnant. It could also mean that you are growing as an individual and need to develop your skills further.

Getting cheated on

This dream usually occurs due to an insecurity in the relationship. If you had any fights or disagreements recently then that could be the reason. The dream could also mean that you are not confident about yourself or that you have a lack of trust in your partner.

Naked in public

This dream is quite easy to decode. Being naked in public is obviously something most of us dread and dreaming about it could just indicate you are afraid of embarrassing yourself or getting ridiculed. Perhaps your reputation is on the line for completing a certain project successfully at work. Or maybe you need to host your cousin’s baby shower and aren’t sure how to engage the audience. The dream could also indicate that you are afraid of being your true self in front of other people.


If you see monsters in your dream, it means that there are certain aspects of yourself that you want to change. But if you are the monster or demon in your dream, it indicates that you need to find out what you need to change and change it immediately.

Being chased

A dream in which you are being chased indicates that you are under a lot of stress and pressure. It could also mean that you are feeling threatened by something. Figure out what is stressing you out the most and fix that.


Having a dream about babies just means that you are thinking about your family and that you want to impart knowledge to your own baby. The dream may also indicate that you are holding back on something.


Dreams about water indicate that you feel overwhelmed with duties and that you feel like you are not backed up by your loved ones. Too much water, however, may indicate some kind of financial troubles that is causing worry.


If you ever feel trapped, it could indicate that you need a break or a fresh start. Consider taking a new job or starting one if you aren’t working yet. If you are happy with your job, maybe you just need a vacation.

Make it a habit to record your dreams when you get them. If you have had any dreams aside from these, please tell us about it below. We shall write about them in the future.

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