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Don’t Just Switch To Natural Baby Care - Switch To Natural Home Care Products!

We as parents only want what’s best for our child. We’ll go to any lengths to ensure that our little munchkins are safe and happy. Babies are so small and vulnerable that we need to be extremely careful about the products they come in contact with. They are more susceptible to the damage harsh products can cause. Parents are being more cautious and switching over to natural baby care to better protect their child. We are sorry to burst your bubble but that alone won’t cut it. Switching over to natural food, clothes, diapers, etc, is well and good but have you ever thought about how your homecare products affect your baby?

Do you realize that your regular cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to your baby and your family’s well-being? These chemicals have adverse and long-term effects on your family and can be ingested through inhalation, touch and by swallowing. Babies are literally crawling all over the floor and their sensitive skin will absorb all the chemicals present in the floor cleaners. Do you really want your little one to be exposed to such toxins so early on in their life?

If this wasn’t enough to convince you, here’s the list of the most commonly found chemicals in floor cleaners.

Glycol Ethers 

Continued exposure of Glycol Ether results in conditions like narcosis, pulmonary edema and severe liver and kidney damage. When inhaled causes respiratory irritation and anemia. Minors exposed to it show reduced weight gain and suffer from eye irritation.

Sodium Hypochlorite

It causes discomfort to the eyes, nose, and throat upon exposure.What makes it extremely dangerous is the fact that it is very poisonous when it enters our body.


Ammonia is a very volatile substance.Inhalation of ammonia causes severe damage to the lungs as it produces a pungent odor. Upon contact with skin, it causes irritation.

Opting for natural and chemical free cleaners seem to be the best option right now.Your child’s health and safety is your first priority and we at Tinystep have come with a floor cleaner with just that in mind. The Tinystep floor cleaner is all natural and free from the chemicals and toxins present in regular cleaners. The ingredients used are vinegar, baking soda, and neem extract. It is baby safe, pocket-friendly, pet-friendly and infused with nature’s goodness.We have carefully formulated this natural floor cleaner for your entire family’s well-being. 

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