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Does Your Partner's Age Have an Influence on Your Relationship?

Age gap can sometimes be a dominating factor that can play a pivotal role in a relationship. It is observed that 78 to 80 percent of the people choose their partners within an age gap of 5 years. Age gaps can be larger in case of re-marriages. Men who remarry are often seen to have younger women as partners, with 20 percent choosing women 10 or more years younger while 57 percent still choose the partner of the same age.

Marrying someone considerably older or younger is not so uncommon these days, but such relationships come with certain challenges. Here are some factors that can influence your relationship due to the age-gap.


How similar you are is an important question that all the couples need to navigate but especially the couples with an age difference as similarity predict the satisfaction in the long-term. If you are similar then age is just a number, otherwise, it can be a factor driving differences in routine activities.

Friends and Family

Couples with a large age difference generally face a social disapproval of their relationship. Such behaviour from the society can be stressful and isolating and leads the couple to evaluate their relationship. Hence, having friends and family that is supportive of their decision of being together could be useful for age-gap couples.

Financial Stability

If your age-gap relationship becomes long term, you need to be financially prepared and stable to be able to support both of the partners. Age gap can pose a challenge to the retirement planning. One must plan for the younger partner which in some cases may mean delayed retirement for the older partner.


Kids or no kids is another important question which is even more difficult to navigate by the age-gap couples. Questions like whether you want to have biological kids or should you adopt one must be discussed by the partners. Parenting in the 20s and 30s is really different than parenting in 40s and 50s. Couples can really benefit if they are on the same page about parenthood.


You need to be compatible with each other’s goals and ambitions. Be it about the relationship or career. A partner may be looking for some short-term fun while the other partner may have long-term ambitions for the relationship. Similarly, a partner may be career-centred and wanting to build a great career for themselves and the other partner may be focused on their retirement plan. Such incompatibility more than often arise due to the age difference in the couples and can lead to trouble and confusion about the future.

Couples need to talk about and sort out all the differences to figure out whether they can form a happy and stable relationship. Most importantly, you should remember that the age gap can be a factor in your relationship but it does not necessarily need to define it. A recent survey claimed that most people consider love, commitment, and companionship as the deciding factors to get married and age has very little to do with it.

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