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Does Your Husband Make These Mistakes In Bed?

Mistakes in bed

Men have their own ‘MOJO’ when it comes to being the best in bed. They may do what they like without realising that they are being hurtful or insensitive. You might have had moments when you make the faux pas, he gets all annoyed and falls out of the mood. Let’s face it, nobody is perfect!

But there is a way to talk things out and retain that lustre in the sheets. So, here are a few mistakes that you need to watch out:

1.When the husband is rude

Mistakes in bed

Yes, it is quite unpleasant when they are just doing it for the sake of it. It feels like sex has become a duty instead of enjoying it. After, all we just need some love and affection.

2.Satisfaction quotient

Mistakes in bed

Sometimes men just care about their satisfaction without giving much importance to yours. Once they’re done, they just fall back and turn to sleep again. 

3. They don’t fulfil your fantasies

Mistakes in bed

It is very important that your husband understand your likes and dislikes, and if he does not understand, then you try to tell him.

4.When kissing is difficult

Mistakes in bed

Kissing is an art and every human is good in his own way. But for two to be on the same page, they have to connect the right way. If they fumble and stumble while’s a major turn off for many women.

5.The fantasy pressure

Mistakes in bed

It is true that women like to experiment in bed, but when she gets overloaded and pressurized to do it too much too often, she becomes feeling disconnected with your partner.

6.Seduction gone wrong

Mistakes in bed

It is a big turnoff when your man tries to seduce you using all his tips and tricks and they go terribly wrong. Although you can take it in a silly spirit and laugh it out, it is a mood buster.

7.What’s a foreplay?

Mistakes in bed

Most men are eager to jump into the act without actually being able to get their partner in the mood. Foreplay is the most important part of intimacy as it brings two people closer. Without having some foreplay action, it is too difficult to determine what a woman really wants!

Final word:

One needs to enjoy sex as it is such a beautiful act of intimacy. That’s exactly the time when you’re the closest you can ever be with your partner. If he’s making these mistakes, ensure that you talk about it and keep the magic going. 

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