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Does Your Child Suck His Fingers Too Much?

Babies look the cutest when they do simple adorable things like sucking on their own fingers. In fact, sucking fingers is the best way to teach your child to stay calm.  

If you try to stop him from doing so, he might get frightened and do something else instead of sucking on the thumb. If you force him and tell him not to do so, he will act more rebellious and will purposefully do that just to annoy you. And that’s how you will have rebellious kids when they grow up.

What you can do is, when you see your baby putting fingers inside the mouth, distract him by showing him colourful bright objects or something that is good enough to divert his attention.

For this, you will have to understand the routine and pattern that your child follows. Basically, you’ll have to understand why and when does your child take his fingers in the mouth. If your baby boo is in front of the television, let him play with something just so that his hands are busy.

As a mom, you should be paying close attention to your child’s speed of sucking the thumb.As babies, they are able to do it gently and slowly, but as they grow up, they begin to do it more intensely. Children shouldn’t be sucking their thumb because their teeth will be crooked and awkwardly placed. If you see your child continuing this habit, stop him with all you can do before he reaches the age of 4 years.

If you have had any a predominant toothache during your pregnancy and before that, it is likely that your child’s teeth and jaw will be distorted. You must encourage him to get over this bad habit as soon as possible. He will resist the change, but you need to be calm, patient and rewarding if you want your child to let go of such a bad habit.

When you notice your baby boo bear sucking fingers, drift his attention with other activities. You must get your baby to leave this so that it will not affect the growth of his permanent teeth. 

Remember not to use force, scoldings, beatings or any other forceful method or else the situation will get worse.

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