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It is said that hiccups are a result of your baby accidentally breathing in a few amniotic fluids or happens when he/she drinks this fluid. As a result, the babies lungs and diaphragm try to block it from being swallowed, which results in a hiccup.

Yes, baby hiccups are very common. Hiccups in the baby is a sign that your baby is showing signs of development and survival. They are slight continuous movements in the womb, unlike kicking. They usually last for a few seconds before it dies out automatically. If it persists, consult a doctor, and if you feel that it might be serious, do the same. In rare cases, the babies hiccup is accompanied by shifts and movements or a complete change in the position. In such cases, consult a doctor immediately.

Baby hiccups can be felt in your second or third trimester until delivery. They are almost never a serious issue. They die out as abruptly as they start. Rub your belly gently to soothe your baby down. Babies can get hiccups more than once a day, while others rarely experience it once.

Hiccups are extremely common among newborn babies. It is quite likely for your baby to hiccup after delivery if it was common during pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about, so enjoy the growth and progress of your healthy baby. 

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