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Does Eating Too Many Sweets Affect The Baby During Pregnancy?

Pregnant? Well, congrats! But wait, what happens now: You go to the doctor, you bask in the "high" you get from just the idea of being a parent, raising a bundle of joy for you and those around you. Having a child would be the epitome of your life for a long time. Your pregnancy would open your eyes to a whole world of prospects you never knew, and you will discover them one by one in your wonderful journey.

Now, during pregnancy, you will experience a lot of anxiety, thinking that the way you go about your daily life would have some sort of negative effect on your baby. Usually, you would ask your doctor for advice, but to ask your doctor about what precautions to take during pregnancy would be one thing and another to ask them about every small detail in your life. These “small details in your life” are never-ending and it would not be ideal to ask your doctor about every one of them. Such pestering questions though seemingly small causes a lot of worries.

One of those pestering questions would be, whether or not eating too many sweets would affect a baby.

Now, during pregnancy one of the most craved after delicacy would be sweets, eating them a little would be no problem, but eating them in excess would bear some negative effects to both the mom and the baby.

Here are a few concise points addressing this issue:

1. Consumption of sweets would lead to higher sugar levels. This is linked to gain in pregnancy weight.

2. Consumption of sugar during pregnancy has been linked to having obese children.

3. Following a diet in excess of sugars increases the risk of pre-eclampsia.

4. Eating added sugars in excess would also lead to preterm labour.

5. The probability of morning sickness would increase by consuming food consisting of carbohydrates and sugars.

6. A high consumption would lead to the development of a fatty liver.

7. The consumption of added sugars has also shown to affect your children's blood vessel structure and places them at a risk of heart failure, and could even be as early as 8.

8. Your child would be prone to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, and diabetes by consuming higher levels of sugar.

If and when you have a craving for sweets, please try and restrain the urge. In most cases, you can try and ease away most of that craving by consuming food that satisfies your sweet tooth. 

Here are some recommendations: frozen yoghurt, fruit pops. You can also try fruits like strawberry, banana, apple with peanut butter.

The nine months of expectancy would bear a huge pressure on you, in respect to both mentally (due to the constant limitations placed on you in your daily routine) and physically (due to the energy and will required to withstand the weight gain while trying to go about your daily activities). We understand your sacrifice and hope that we have been helpful in your time of pregnancy.


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