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Do You Know Wipes Fabric Is Another Big Reason For Creating Rashes?

Babies are tiny souls who are completely dependent on their mothers for every little thing. When a baby is born, their skin is extremely soft, delicate and sensitive to the external environment. Just the way your skin is sensitive to heat and other external agents, your newborn's skin is 80 times more sensitive to the external environment. This is why you must take extra caution when it comes to taking care of your newborn’s skin.

If you have noticed your little one’s skin getting painful and red, it might be indicating that you’re doing something really wrong while cleaning your baby’s skin. How is it occurring? Have you ever thought of wipes fabric you are using on your baby?

Yes, rashes or redness on baby’s skin can be the result of baby wipes you are using. Most baby wipes are chemically infused and made up of cheap fabric which could trigger a strong chemical reaction on your baby’s delicate skin and give rise to rashes. So, here we will clear all your doubts.

What kind of fabric wipes are bad for the baby?

The most commonly used material to make baby wipes is non-woven fabric material which is very similar to the material used to manufacture diapers. Many baby wipe brands synthesize silk, wool, cotton and polyester fibres to obtain the sheet of a disposable wipe.

Some of the fabrics that are bad for your baby’s skin:-

Rayon -

It is created with the recycled wood pulp and it is one of the most predominantly used fabrics in the world. To ensure durability, manufacturers add a lot of chemicals like carbon disulfide, sulfuric acid and chlorine which cause instant chemical reactions on your baby’s soft skin.

Polyester and polyester blends -

Most wipes manufacturers’ use this material for creating baby wipes. It is a synthetic material which is water repellent and it does not absorb any moisture (sweat) from the surfaces. Therefore, your baby’s clothes will stick to their skin and cause too much perspiration. If the sweat constantly lingers on your baby’s delicate skin, it can give rise to plenty skin allergies like eczema and painful skin rashes.

Moreover, polyester is known to cause skin rashes and it is a low-cost alternative used by most of the brands in their baby wipes. Since it is non-biodegradable by nature, it is bound to cause severe environmental degradation problems.

What are the good fabrics to use for my baby?

Every mommy’s priority is to keep her baby healthy, happy and smiling. So, to maintain a good hygiene quotient, you must start using wipes that are crafted with materials that are super friendly on your baby’s skin.

Some of the fabric that is good for your baby’s skin:-

Cotton -

It is a natural fibre that can absorb and clean the baby’s body simultaneously. Use 100% cotton fabric wipes so that your baby’s hygiene needs are met and maintained.

Viscose -

It is a popular biodegradable material which is extremely smooth on baby skin. It has properties similar to that of cotton and it is a good absorber. Since it can easily wipe off the surfaces, it is a great natural ingredient in the baby wipe manufacturing industry.

Considering, the available wipes market, it is clearly evident that most of the brands while fighting for price war; the quality of the wipes fabric is at the lowest level. Therefore, 99.9% wipes which are present in the market comes with the cheap fabric that contains polyester in it thereto it is allergic to baby skin and non-biodegradable too.

These wipes are the ones which you use for cleaning your baby’s most intimate areas. So, what should you do and which brands wipe you should prefer? The best way to clean your baby’s bottom is with cotton and water or the most convenient way is to use Mother Sparsh 98% water based wipes, these are the purest wipes which comes with zero traces of Polyester. It is made up of 100% plant fabric which is totally biodegradable. Looking at these properties, Mother Sparsh water wipes are widely accepted by moms and truly at par with the gentleness of cotton and water.

In the nutshell, whenever you go to buy wipes for your baby always prefer for the 100% viscose, plant-based or for cotton based fabric. These wipes fabric is very safe for your baby’s delicate skin and will keep always from skin rashes, redness and allergy. So, keep your baby comfortable, happy and smiling always. To order Mother Sparsh water wipes, click here.

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